Festival Paysages Electroniques : 05 > 08 Avril - Lille - France

Ein kleiner Hinweis in eigener Sache(:


Ich mach es kurz und schmerzlos. Hier kommt der englische Info-Text sowie die Flyer.

Schaut auch aufs Festival-MySpace mit allen aktuellen Infos.
Festival Paysages Electroniques : 05 > 08 Avril - Lille - France


During four days, musicians, dj, vj, artists, performers… will be bring together around this leitmotiv. Abréaction association, organizer of this festival, wants to remind us that the creation is first talent and joy, and the technology is a tool which is able to show up inspiring influence and amusement.

Welcomed in an atypical venue for electronic music, the Palais des Beaux Arts, and in the new Contemporary Art’s meeting-house in Lille, the Tri-Postal, the festival bustles the a priori, and leaves beaten path with its high and audacious programming, confirming its will to touch an amateur and neophyte audience, favouring the diffusion of new artistic forms, bright youth thing, new currents, muting labels…
Workshops, discussions, show case, projections will permit for each to familiarise with different fields of the digital culture.

PS: Hier gibt es AVIORAMA-Bilder vom SPERM-FESTIVAL in Prag

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