BLEEP-HOP 01-10///10/04-02/05

12.02.2005-Bleep-Hop-010-18-19 Uhr
1. MOGWAI - hunted by a freak- MOGWAI-Government Comissions BBC Session 1996-2003 (PIAS)
2. Masha Qrella - Unsoved Remained - Unsolved Remained- MORR
3. Rechenzentrum Vs. Masha Qrella - but then again -celebrating 5 years of scape/ Scape/Promotion Office/Indigo
4. Nitrada- Fading Away- Apparat Version- Four Remixes -2nd rec/ Hausmusik
5. L´Altra- Bring Happiness- Bring Happiness EP- Hefty- Stars And Heroes
6. Daniel Givens- Gravity- Dayclear&first dark-Aesthetics/Promotion Office/Alive
7. The Eternals- High Anxiety-Rawar Style- Aesthetics/Stars And Heroes/Alive
8. Pulseprogramming- Within The Orderly Life- Tulsa For One Second-Aesthetics
9. Daniel Givens- Q and A - Dayclear&first dark-Aesthetics/Promotion Office/Alive
10. HP Stonji- LXC-247 rmx -mélaina chloé remixes/PhantomNoiseRecords011/sbm-online.de
11. Maximo Park- Apply Some Pressure- Apply Some Pressure- WAP185-WARP/RoughTrade
12. LCD Soundsystem- Disco Infiltrator- LCD Soundsystem- DFA/Virgin
13. Tocotronic- Aber Hier Leben Nein Danke (Das Bierbeben RMX)- Gegen Den Strich EP-LADO/Rough Trade
22.01.2005-Bleep-Hop-009-Labelspecial-SCAPE-17-18 Uhr

1. john tejada - and many more /sc023/indigo
2. cappablack - components & variables /sc012 /indigo
3. andrew pekler - wait /sc025/indigo
4. kit clayton - porpakanna /sc001/indigo
5. deadbeat - abu ghari (rage mix) /sc026 (next release April05)/indigo
6. jan jelinek - fatback´s wicky wacky /sc017
7. headset - featuring lady dragon- grasping claw sc022/indigo
8. crackhaus - birthday bangers and mash /sc023/indigo
9. jan jelinek- tendency /sc007/indigo
10. deadbeat- texas t /sc026/indigo
mit Pole und Barbara Preisinger

23.01.2005-Bleep-Hop-(HipHop-Special) 008-18-19 Uhr
1.gruf,mcenroe,pipi,skid,yy,john smith- grown ass men - peanuts and corn
2. madvillian-one beer -shaman work
3. beans.- mutescreamer -prefuse73 rmx -warp/rough trade
4. sixtoo- fear of flying -antagonist survival kit- vertical form
5. lali puna -micronomic- boom bip rmx- morrmusic
6. boom bip - awaiting an accident-lali puna rmx -lex/rough trade
7. cappablack-components and variables- scape
8. jimmy edgar- access rhythm- warp/rough trade
9. subtle- i love l.a. -warp/rough trade
10. noah23-scream-2nd rec
11. rob sonic-shoplift-def jux/pias
12. iso68-diesel powered systems (sixtoo & matt kelly)- hausmusik/sister comfort
13. dizzee rascal- respect of me -xl/beggars

bleep-hop007/22.01. 17-18 WARP-Spezial
1. forgetmasters- track with no name -WAP01
2, squarepusher- do you know squarepusher- WARP97
3. LFO - LFO (Warehouse MIX) - WAP05
4. chris clark- lord of dance - WARP92
5. anti pop consortium - ping pong-WARP94
6. aphex twin - vordhosbn- WARP92
7. plaid - (i)ith - WARP54
8. autechre- rpeg- WAP7
9. two lone swordmen- sex beat rmx- WAP174
10. maximo park - fear of falling WAP185
11. dj maxximus- mercedes bentley vs. versace armani (dubplate rmx) -WAP152
bleep-hop006/08.01. 17-18/radio blau leipzig

1. LCD Soundsystem-Movement-Movement 7"-DFA/Labels-Community
2. duran duran duran-I hate the 80s- Very Pleasure- Cock Rock Disco/CARGO-dense
3. maximo park -The Coast Is Always Changing- 7"-WARP/rough trade
4. tocotronic- In Höchsten Höhen-Wahre Vernunft darf niemals siegen-LADO
5. noah23-photo soul decay-jupiter sajitarius- 2nd rec
6. rob sonic- dylsexia-telicatessen-def jux/PIAS
7. mcenroe-dumb it down-5 years in the factory-vertical form/sister comfort
8. nitrada-No.4-four remixes-2nd rec-hausmusik
9. haiku d e´tat-mike, aaron and eddie-coup de theatre- decon/verstärker
10. hp stonji- gatehood-intricate chld rmx-mélaina cholé remixes-phantomnoise records/sbm-online
11. marsen jules-de la mort d´un cygne-herbstlaub-cco/sister comfort
12. andrew pekler-unidentified-but then again-scape
13. v.a.-warp-mix-cd-track8- WarpVision The Videos1989-2004-Warp/rough trade

bleep-hop-005@radio blau-25.12.2004/17-18 Uhr /labelspecial 2nd rec

1. Nitrada-We don´t know why but we do it-We don´t know why but we do it-2nd rec
2. Pilot Balloon- throe stasis- ghastly good cheer- 2nd rec
3. Giardini di Mirò- a new start for shoegazing kids- hits for broken hearts and asses- 2nd rec
4. Amanda Rogers- daily news- daily news - 2nd rec
5. Noah23- zapata physicians-jupiter sajitarius- 2nd rec
6. Nitrada - everything is not alright (lawrence remix) - four remixes -2nd rec (next release jan. 2005)
7. twig infection- sucessful sense of failure- the big blowjay (OMP)- 2nd rec
8. epy-phony bell- ahead of the wave- 2nd rec
9. tellaro- puzzle in a shell -tellaro-ep- 2nd rec
10. Stacs of Stamina -Isn´t this enough -split pilot balloon/stacs of stamina -2nd rec
Interview Johannes Schardt
playlist DJ-Nacht 18.12.2004--21-24 BLEEP-HOP+EIN HERZ FÜR HIP HOP

1.aesop rock-no jumper, no cables-definite jux presents 3/def jux (bleep-hop)
2.group home-livin´proof-12"/payday (ein herz für hip hop)
3. kod 9-swarm-grime2-rephlex(bleep-hop)
4. dilated peoples-right&exact-rawkus (ein herz für hip hop)
5. cyne-growing-12"-cco (bleep-hop)
6. J.Rawls feat. J.Sands & Grap Luva-check the clock-12"-groove attack (ein herz für hip hop)
7. kante-im ersten licht (mr.bird&nartner rmx)-12"-kitty-yo (bleep-hop)
8. Killah Priest feat. Inspectah Deck & GZA-cross my heart-12"-no trybe (ein herz für hip hop)
9. roots manuva-clockwork-ninja tune (bleep-hop)
10. de la soul feat. mf doom-Rock Co.Kane Flow-sanctuary (ein herz für hip hop)
11. beastie boys-putting shame in your game (hnadsome boy modelling school)-12"-grand royal (bleep-hop)
12. Zion I feat. Planet Asia -critical-12" Ground Control-(ein herz für hip hop)
13. jurassic 5-if you only knew-12"-up above (bleep-hop)

14. reflection eternal-love language-12"-rawkus (ein herz für hip hop)
15. 4hero-the action-rmx album-raw canvas (bleep-hop)
16. Bush Babees-gravity-gravity-Warner Bros. Records (ein herz für hip hop)
17. sixtoo-a to zero-antagonist survival kit-vertical form (bleep-hop)
18. masta ace-acknowledge-disposable arts-fat beats (ein herz für hip hop)
19. plasticman-camel right-grime-rephlex (bleep-hop)
20. mr. lif-pull out your cut-12" (ein herz für hip hop)
21. Dizzee Rascal-jezebel-boy in da corner-xl/beggars (bleep-hop)
22. Madchild/Prevail-Deep End-12"-battle axe records (ein herz für hip hop)
23. cody chesnutt-the seed-the headphone masterpiece-ready set go (bleep-hop)
24. madlib-steppin into tomorrow-shades of blue-Blue Note (ein herz für hip hop)
25. phoenix-holdin´on together-alphabetical-source (bleep-hop)
26. talib kweli- peace of mind-12"-Hi Rise Records (ein herz für hip hop)
27. TY-wait a minute (fusion&sticky mix)-12"-big dada (bleep-hop)
28. bumpy knuckles-konexion-12" -rapster (ein herz für hip hop)
29. high contrast-racing green-12"-hospital (bleep-hop)

30. Mos Def-Ms. Fat Booty ( Dj Spinna Remix )-12"-rawkus (ein herz für hip hop)
31. Mouse On Mars-Alien Animals-Wipe that sound12"-sonig (bleep-hop)
32. jay-z-dead president pt.II-reasonable doubt-roc a fella (ein herz für hip hop)
33. calibre-behind the sun-tuned in-c.i.a. (bleep-hop)
34. little brother-for you-the listening-abb (ein herz für hip hop)
35. beginner-back in town-blast action heroes-buback (bleep-hop)
36. big L.-size em up-12"-flamboyant records (ein herz für hip hop)
37. murs-you´re dead to me-definite jux presents 3-def jux (bleep-hop)
38. grand agent-grand right now-12"-landspeed (ein herz für hip hop)
39. sten-tea towel-leaving the frantic-dial (bleep-hop)
40. gang starr-mass appeal-hard to earn-chrysalis (ein herz für hip hop)
41. funkstörung w/tes-chopping heads-disconnected-k7 (bleep-hop)
42. dj honda+jeru the damaja-el presidente-12"-dj honda records (ein herz für hip hop)
43. squarepusher-district line II-ultravisitor-warp (bleep-hop)
44. Lucy Pearl-feat. Reflection Eternal-Don´t Mess with my man (Hi-Tek-rmx)-white (ein herz für hip hop)
45. mathew jonson-foldin space-12"-sub static (bleep-hop)
46. people under the stairs-acid raindrops-12" -PUTS records (ein herz für hip hop)
47. plaid-shackbu-rest proof clockwork-warp (bleep-hop)
bleep-hop004/11.12. 16-18/radio blau leipzig

stunde eins/16-17
1,Tocotronic /Aber, hier leben nein danke/Aber, hier leben nein danke/LADO/Rough Trade
2.KPTMICHIGAN/Hey People/S/T/Aesthics/Dense
3.Jeff Parker/Sea Change/The Relatives/Thrill Jockey/Rough Trade/ Dense
4.Diario/Time Goes Beifall-Tempo/Velocitysounds
5.Giardini di Mirò/Little Vicories/Rise And Falling Of Academic Drifting/Homesleep
6.Finn. (Pillow rmx)/Sight and Night-Seeinig Information/Expose Yourself to “Disko“ Education/Sunday Service/ Hausmusik
7.Silicon Soul (Tied&Tickled RMX)/Who Needs sleep Tonight/Who Needs Sleep Tonight/Disko B/Indigo
8.Chicks On Speed And The No Heads/History will Outlive Us/Press The Spacebar/Chicks On Speed Records/ Hausmusik/Indigo
9.Jimmy Edgar/Uniform/Bounce Make Model/WARP/Rough Trade
10.Squarepusher/Iambic 9 Poetry/Ultravisitor/WARP/Rough Trade
11.John Tejada/Everything Will Be OK/Logic Memory Center/Plug Research/Morr Music

stunde zwei/17-18/Studiogast con.struct (repertoire-mag.net/outsider rec)
12. Prince Po/Runwitit/Bump Bump-Runwitit/LEX/WARP/RoughTrade
13. Aesop Rock/No jumper,No Cables/Definite Jux Presents 3/Def Jux/PIAS
14. Rob Sonic/Super Ball/Telicatessen/Def Jux/PIAS
15. Mark One/Hear This/GRIME/Rephlex
16. Total Science/Kiss Chase/Good Game LP/C.I.A./Groove Attack
17. High Contrast/The Persistence Of Memory/High Society/Hospital/Groove Attack
18. Con.struct/I feel the earth move/Split 12“ Outsider06
19. Con.struct/More Laidback Please/Unreleased
20. Francis/Kool Is Back/Unreleased
21. Mouse On Mars feat Tears The Muffin Man/Alien Animals /Wipe That Sound/Sonig/ Rough Trade

bleep-hop-nr.04 27.11. 17-20uhr (artist-song-cd/lp/ep-label-promo/vertrieb)
Stunde eins/17-18uhr/new stuff
1.LCD Soundsystem-Movement-movement7"-labels/community
2.Jimmy Edgar-I wanna be your STD-Bounce Make Model-WARP-Rough Trade
3.MouseOnMars+Mark E.Smith-Wipe That Sound(Cut The Gain)-Wipe That Sound-sonig-autopilotmusic/Rough Trade
4.Crashing Dreams-passe partout-Minimum to Excist-supermodern-indigo
5.Barbara Manning&The Go Luckys-a mountain-a mountain7"-supermodern-indigo
6.schneiderTM experience-the new cobweb summer(TM´s lambchop rmx)-earsugar jukebox 45rpm singles serier-earsugar-dense/Rough Trade
7.mcenroe-dumb it down-5 years in the factory-vertical form-sister comfort
8.cyne-the river-growing ep-city centre offices-sister comfort
9.styrofoam+ben gibbard(postal service)-couches in alleys-nothing´s lost-morr music-morr music
10.giardini di mirò-the comforting sound of a transparent life-punk not diet-2nd rec-indigo

Stunde zwei/18-19uhr/label special-city centre offices-inkl.interview thaddi herrmann(cco)
11. i´m not a gun-long division-everything at once-city centre offices-towerblock011
12. herrmann&kleine-where have you been-transalpin ep-city centre offices-block005
13. arovane-silicad-B-7"block01-city centre offices
14. fizzarum-ursa majoris-B-7"block02-city centre offices
15. Dub Tractor-faster-faster ep-12"block028-city centre offices-sister comfort
16. the remote viewer-there used to be more of us-her i go on my own-towerblock07-city centre offices
17. porn sword tobacco-don´t quiet your dayjob-porn sword tobacco-block027-city centre offices
18. cyne-stomping ground-growing ep-block026-city centre offices-sister comfort
19. lexanculpt-plus and minus miss c-bug-cashier escape route-city centre offices
20. i´m not a gun-our lives on wednesdays-champion-towerblock022-city centre offices-sister comfort

Stunde-drei/19-20uhr/new stuff part two
21.jimmy edgar-bounce make model-inner citee colour reprise.WARP-Rough Trade
22. mathew jonson-foldinh space-sus_41-sub static
23. goldie lookin chain-soap bar-greatest hits-atlantic
24. beginner-stift her (rmx)-morgen freeman-buback
25. rob sonic-location is everything-telicatessen-defjux-pias
26. the flashbulb-earhtone morphine battery-red extension of me-bohnerwachs09
27. nitrada.start today-we don´t know why but we do it-2nd rec
28. subtle-f.k.o.(b.fleischmann rmx)-lex-WARP/Rough Trade
29. christian kleine-quadriga-7"block06-city centre offices
30. the notwist-solo swim-solo swim ep-alien transistor-sister comfort

bleep-hop-02 06.11. 16-17uhr
1. The Robocop Kraus + Der Roboter Klaus- Girl, you know it´s true- there´s a light-Sampler-GHVC
2. Money Mark- Burn Away-Demo or Demolition?-different records
3. John Tejada- Alone With You- Logic Memory Sampler-plug research/morr
4. Styrofoam- misguided-nothing´s lost-morr
5. Giardini di Miró- A New Start for Shoegazing Kids - Hits for Broken Hearts and Asses-2nd-Rec
6. Mouse On Mars - the end- radical connector- sonig/autopilotmusic
7. Squarepusher- Venus No. 17- Venus No.17-Warp/Rough Trade
8. Mcenroe- Corner Store- 5 years in the factory-vertical form/Sister-Comfort
9. Plasticman- Camel Ride- Grime- rephlex
10. Chronomad- Sokut- SE-Alien Transitor/Sister-Comfort
11. Cyne- Rousseau- Growing EP- CCO/Sister-Comfort
12. Noah 23- Nova Toast- jupiter sajitarius-2nd-Rec
13. Thomas Fehlmann- Alice Strings- Lowflow- plug research/morr


19-20 uhr (aktuelle Platten+Neuvorstellungen)
Joy Division-love will tear us apart- Peel Sessions--R.I.P.
Mouse On Mars-Wipe That Sound-Radical Connector EP-Sonig/Autopilot
Alias/ Markus Acher-Unseen Sights-Anticon Label Sampler-Anticon/Southern
The Notwist-Solo Swim-Solo Swim-Alien Transistor
Nitrada-We don´t know why but we do it-We don´t know why but we do it-2nd Rec
Mcenroe- Working In A Factory-5 Years in the factory-Vertical Form/ Sister Comfort
Dizzee Rascal- Respect Me-Showtime-XL/Beggars
OSTR-Co Ty To Rubish
High Contrast-Angels and Fly-High Society-Hospital/Groove Attack
Robag Wruhme-Hugendubel-Wuzzelbud KK-Musik Krause
Sten-Bluebell-Leaving the frantic-Dial/Kompakt
Tijuana Mon Amour Broadcasting Inc.-To The Summer People (Frank Rumpelt RMX)-Day After Night-DOXA
Dub Tractor-Right/Wrong-Faster EP-CityCentreOffices
Various Artists-Track5-WARP-VISION-THE VIDEOS 1989-2004(Audio-CD)-WARP/RoughTrade

20-21 uhr PhantomNoiseRec+Alphacut--double-labelspecial
Mimaku Spldat-malfunction (PNR008)
Mimaku+LXC-alex (unreleased)
The Vaporizer- lullebaaaaai (PNR009)
E.Stonji-ishwya (PNR005)
Bufo Buffo-B! (PNR002)
LXC-structure break (PNR004)
???-???(alphacut04---next release on alphacut)
LXC-rave is back again (PNR010)
The Flashbuld-Lawn Wake III (Bohnerwachs)
Squarepusher-love will tear us apart (WARP)
(Studiogäste Alexdee-PhantomNoise & LXC-Alphacut)

4-infos&stuff-about-PhantomNoise-Alphacut-check out:

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