BLEEP-HOP 11-20///03/05-05/05

bleep-hop020/basics-new stuff/07.05.2005/1700-1800CET

07.05.2005/1700-1800CET BLEEP-HOP-basics-New Stuff
Maximo Park-Postcard of A PaintingA Certain Trigger-WARP/Rough Trade
Jersey- 28 Days- jersey-lok/hausmusik/indigo/morrmusic
Studio Pankow- jungfernheide- linienbusse-city centre offices/hausmusik
The Remote Viewer- I´sad feeling- Let Your Heart draw line - city centre offices/hausmusik
Èglatine Gouzy- Zone A (Ark Rmx)- 4WNC-Landsleute Remixe 12"-monika enterprise-Hausmusik/kompakt
Quasimodo Jones- somebody stop me before I kill again-robots &rebels-shitkatapult/mdm/kompakt/alive
blues explosion (!!! remix)-hot gossip-crunchy12"-mute/virgin
cyantific+tactile-love without sound-weapons of mass creation/two-hospital/groove attack
prefuse73-we got your own way- surrounded by silence-WARP/Rough Trade
virus syndicate- slow down- the work related illness-planet-mu/groove Attack/dense
zion i feat talib kweli-temperature- true&livin´-Live:Up Records/groove attack
one self-bluebird-bluebird-ninja tune/rough trade/verstärker
four tet- and than patterns-everything ecstatic- domino/rough trade/verstärker
jah meek-everything is possible-touched by an angel-VelocitySoundsRec/alive

bleep-hop019/blaulicht-special:john tejada-30.04.2005/1500-1600CET

john tejada&arian leviste -word problems- back for basics- palette/was/2005
john tejada/miguel ayala- trans atlantic funk- socio05/2001
i´m not a gun- make sense and loose- everything at once- cco/indigo/2003
john tejada&arian leviste- the problem with rules- playhouse/neuton/2003
the postal service- such great heights -john tejada-rmx-sup pop/2003
john tejada- steppa- sweat-EP-pokerflat052/2005
i´m not a gun- sundays will never change (john tejada rmx)-cco/indigo/2005
john tejada&arian leviste- triad jackjohn-back for basics/WAS/2005
i´m not a gun- champion-our lives on wednesdays-cco/indigo/2004
preview -stones- throw-special
charizma/peanut butter wolf-red light green light-big shots/stones throw/pias

special John Tejada (mit Interview Thaddi (de:bug/cco)
eine Kooperation von Blaulicht+BleepHop-Redaktion: Mentell u. Micha

bleep-hop018(new stuff+interviews-23.04.2005/1700-1800CET

1700-1800 CET: Interviews: taped: 13&God (Martin "Console" Gretschmann), Klute + Studio: Diario (velocitysounds)
four tet- smile around the face- smile around the face- domino/rough trade/verstärker
by coastal café - driving car-. old cartoons- earsugar/neuton/dense
13&God-if-13&God-alien transistor/anticon/hausmusik/sister comfort
jersey- boy with a rifle- jersey- lok/indigo/morr
mogwai (klute´s weird winter remix)-summer-chemical underground
karate- in the fishtank -this ain´t no picnic-in the fishtank/konkurrent
m.i.a. -galang-caveman rmx-galang ep-xl recordings/indigo/beggars
the perceptionist-party hard-caveman rmx-definite jux/pias
autechre-iera-untilted-warp/rough trade
bleep-hop017-90minutes-morr-music-special+ some new stuff-09.04.05-17-19Uhr/radio blau*Leipzig
17-18.30 MORR MUSIC/inkl. interview Thomas Morr/all on MORR MUSIC/Indigo/Hausmusik
1. bernhard fleischmann-slope-poploops for breakfast /MM001
2. Lali Puna- Don´t think-scary world theory/MM0023
3. Guitar- House Full Of Pain-V.A.Blue Skied An`Clear/MM30
4. MS. John Soda- No. One/Tour-CD MORR-MUSIC-USA-TOUR-WINTER-2003
5. Herrmann & Kleine-drop-our noise/MM026
6. Bomb The Bass&Lali Puna-recut (herrmann&kleine)/MM018
7. Styrofoam-if you tell me the truth, i will kill you/Tour-CD MONSTERS-OF-MORR-MUSIC
8. Masha Qrella-destination verticale -unsolved remained/MM052
9. ISAN-gardening, no architechture/Tour-CD JAPAN2004
11. The Go-Find- what I want (styrofoam´s perfect time mix)/Tour-CD JAPAN2004
12. B. Fleischmann- le desir-welcome tourist/MM041-charhizma025
13. LIMP- city speaks tonight-orion/MM025
Interview: Thomas Morr

18.30-19.00 *some new stuff
14. afx-batine acid-analord06-rephlex
15. luke vibert-analord-lovers acid-planet mu/groove attack
16. tocotronic (phantom ghost against the nature rmx)-gegen den strich-Lado
17. barbara morgenstern/robert lippok-sommer-tesri/monika/indigo
18. adolf noise- zu viel zeit/pudel eins/indigo
playlist-bleep-hop016_01.04.05/22-23 + extrabau+bleep-hop+fakecore-extra_30.03.05/21-22

M.I.A.-sunshower(instr)-sunhower-xl recordings/beggars
nu:tone- three bags full- brave nu world- hospital/groove attack
high contrast-only two can play-high society-hospital/groove attack
mcenroe-party people -5 years in the factory-vertical form
subtle- red white & blonde- a new white-lex/rough trade
the flashbulb- luci bass II- red extansion of me-bohnerwachs/sbm-online.de
björk-all is full of love(funstörung -in love with björk-rmx)-.branches and routes/hausmusik
add noise-surface dub-earsugar beatbox-earsugar/dense
mek obaam-johnnny and mary-earsugar/neuton-dense
l`altra- it follows me around-different days-hefty
chris clark-holiday as brutality-empty the bores of you-warp/rough trade
luke vibert-homewerk-lovers acid-planet mu/groove attack

tocotronic- ich mach meinen frieden mit Euch (LIVE Roskilde)-rock-o-tronic -records
tocotronic- Racist Friend (Live)- Zensur Compilation - Plattenmeister
tocotronic-Ich muss reden auch wenn ich schweigen muss. Heinz Karmers Tanzcafé-Sampler-Fidel Bastro
tocotronic-Drüben auf dem Hügel - Heinz Karmers Tanzcafe-Sampler-Fidel Bastro
tocotronic-Ich hab 23 Jahre mit mir verbracht - live im KTS Freiburg 7"-ritchie records
tocotronic-Ich möchte Teil einer Jugendbewegung sein - live im KTS Freiburg 7"-ritchie records
tocotronic-You are quit cool - Themenabend 7"-Backyard
tocotronic-letztes jahr im Sommer (bessere zeiten klingt gut hidden track) -LADO
tocotronic-22 no (hi freaks 1")-LADO
tocotronic-freiburg (freiburg)- live im KTS Freiburg 7"-Ritchie Records
dirk von lotzow- kurzes lied auf einen anrufbeantworter zu singen
tocotronic-die welt kann mich nicht mehr verstehen (christoph de babalon hard rock mix)-Lado
das bierbeben - Schläger bedrohen unser Leben (schleimkeim) - rock-o-tronic records

playlist electric-eclectic/26.03./21-24
playlist electric-eclectic/21-24

aphex twin-vordhosbn-drukqs-warp
seth p brundel - blaze of glory -devils pawn- aesthetics
squarepusher- do you know -warp
barth-cyclotron -plain productions
calibre- behind the sun -tuned in-c.i.a.
jurassic5-without a doubt-12"-up above
alias-unseen sights 12"-anticon
ty-wait a minute-upwards- big dada
dj maxximus- mercedes bentley vs. versace armani -12"-warp
madvillian-one beer (rmx)-7"-shaman work
knarf rellöm-internet killed the videostar-lado

(electrigger) www.electrigger.de
gosub- pulse direction miami -12"- device
modeselektors-rave anthem-bpitch99-123
!!!-me and guiliani (lfo mix)-warp-white
illektric paranoia 12 disko b
bis - shack up
Keen k & dorian e - ocean grass
p1/e vs. weltklang - 49 second dance - LP Vinyl on demand 9
sprung aus den wolken-leidenschaftlich- dub and die -zick zack
meatbeat manifesto- i got the fear-storm the studio-cadavre exquis
the beatmasters-ska train-anyway ya wanna-rhythm king
renegade soundwave-probably a robery-rsw 1987-1995-mute records
tackhead soundsystem-mind at the end of the tether-tackhead tape time-tackhead
pan sonic-kone-aaltopiiri-blast first/mute

alexdee (fakecore-show)
max goldt - familie und gesundheitswesen - Die majestätische ruhe des anorganischen
Recject 001 - we exicst
stereo total - holyday inn 7"
the aim of design is to define spcae - melancholie der standorte
knifehandchop - dancemix 2000 - irritant 19
geroyche - galong galong remix - suburban trash 15
snares men - clearance bin - history of the future 7
xanopticon - bizzare - tigerbeat6 059
doormouse - tres mal - peace off ltd 11
krumble - gazoline serious blast - peace off/damage 007

MAK (fakecore-show)
dj scud - in chains remix - agriculture17
coma - ass scratch fever (kid 606 mix) - tigerbeat 070
kid 606 - woofer wrecker - tigerbeat100
flashbulb - black lawn final - bohnerwachs09
exile - forever endeavour - planet mu 113
nazis from mars - pussy catty cat - astral anarchy001
playlist bleep-hop-basics(015)-26.03./17-18

1) 13&god-perfect speed-13&god-anticon/alien transistor/hausmusik
2) adolf noise-zu viel zeit-pudel eins-pudelprodukte/indigo
3) the postal service-such great heights (john tejada rmx)-give up-sub pop
4) deadbeat-abu gharib (reconfiguration)-abu gharib 12"-scape/indigo
5) deadbeat- texas tea-new world observer-scape/indigo
6) french toast-pattern-in a cave-dischord
7) dj shirley-always dj shirley-famous&exclusive-scheinselbststaendig/kompakt
8) music am-mermaid-my city glittered like a breaking wave-quatermass/alive
9) hans platzgumer-soft wah war (electronicat rmx)-software-doxa
10) electronicat-wap doowop-voodoo man-disko b/indigo
11) nu-tone-heaven sent-brave nu world-hospital/groove attack

bleep-hop015+Fakecore-Show: ChicksOnSpeed-Records-Special

18:00-19:00 CET
Playlist Bleep-Hop015 feat.Fakecore-Show
Chicks On Speed Records Special mit Interview Kiki Moorse (COS)

01.) Le Tigre - TKO - The Island - COSR20 - Indigo
02.) C.O.S. - Mitte Bitte - Press the Spacebar - COSR19 - Indigo
03.) Dat Politics - Beesre Bees - Go Pets Go - COSR15 - Indigo
04.) Kevin Blechdom - Mister Miguel - Bitches without britches - COSR09 - Indigo
05.) Dat Politics - Pie - Plugs + Plus - COSR06 - Indigo
06.) C.O.S. - Polar Love - Kreidler Session - COSR04 - Indigo
07.) Sylvester Boy - Independence is no solution - Monsters rule this world - COSR03 - Indigo
08.) Die Goldenen Zitronen - Munich - Economy Class - Sub Up Records 029
09.) C.O.S. - Yes I do - COS will save us all - COSR01 - Indigo
10.) Le Tigre - I’m so excited - The Island - COSR20 - Indigo
11.) Kevin Blechdom - Private Dancer - Bitches without Britches - COSR09 - Indigo
12.) Kid 606 - Flutter - Split Series 09-16 - Fat-Cat CD31 - Indigo
13.) C.O.S. - For All the Boys in the World - COS will save us all - COSR01 - Indigo
14.) Schorsch Kamerun - Weil wir einverstanden sind - Now: Sex Image - LADO17049-2 - Roughtrade

12.03.2004 /17:00-18:00 CET
Playlist Bleep-Hop014: basics

1. maximo park- fear of falling--apply some pressure-warp/rough trade
2. le peuple de l´herbe feat. puppetmastaz-el paso-cube-supadope/pias
3. 13&god- into the trees-men of station+soft atlas -alien transitor/anticon/hausmusik
4. console- irregular sawtooth- the day my favourite insect died-kollaps/hausmusik
5. i´m not a gun- every moment is ours-our live on wednesdays-cco/indigo
6. masha qrella- can´t tell (johannson rmx)-unsolved remained (do12"-bonus track)-morrmusic/indigo
7. jay haze- make my dream-love for a strange world-kitty-yo/pias/mdm
8. hp stonji-247 (lxc rmx)-melania chole rmx EP-phantom noise/sbm-online
9. prefuse73-hideyaface(el-p mix)-hideyaface-warp/rough trade
10. seth p. brundel-blaze of glory-devils pawn-aesthetics
11. afx-mc4-acid-analord01-rephlex
12. sab jano+victor marek-wer will hier gefickt werden?-pudel eins-pudel produkte/indigo
13. dance inc-looking like that-looking like that-audiolith/broken silence


Janna Moss presents The Sun God-Relics Antics /frantic flowers
nu-tone-heaven sent(hospital rec
venetian snares-szerencsette(planet-mu
swat squad-miel(frankie rec
calibre-can´t stop this fire(bassbin
tigerskin-black jack(morris audio
ben larsen-play it loud(adrenogroon
bleep-hop012-Hospital Records+SOUL:R feat. High Contrast/26.02.05 21-24/radio blau leipzig
26.02.2005-Bleep-Hop-012/21-24 +Radio Drittes Ohr
Hospital-Redords+Soul:R-Special feat. High Contrast (interview+dj-set)

*3-h d&b-in-the-mix
*90% Hospital/Soul:R-Records
*incl. 30 minutes LIVE-MIX by HIGH CONTRAST (Hospital Records/UK)+interview
*recorded interview Marcus Intalex (Soul:R/UK)
1. 13&God- Men of Station- Men Of Station EP-alien transistor&anticon/hausmusik-sister comfort
2. Mogwai - Cody- Government Sessions BBC Sessions 1996-2003/PIAS
3. Masha Qrella - Sister Welcome - Unsolved Remained /MORR
4. Rhythm&Sound - Sea Mi Yah- See Mi Yah- burial mix/indigo-autopilotmusic
5. Daniel Givens- Weapon- Dayclear & First dark- Aesthetics/Alive-Promotion Office
6. afx -bwoon dub- analord02- rephlex
7. john tejada- and many more- but then again- scape/Indigo-Promotion Office
8. Prefuse 73- hideyaface (original)-hideyaface-Warp/Rough Trade
9. High Contrast- Brief Enounter- High Society- Hospital/Groove Attack
Studiogespräch zur PopUp2005 mit0 Matthias Puppe (PopUp Leipzig)

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