BLEEP-HOP 31-40///08/05-11/05

bleep-hop040/05th november 2005/1700-1800cet recordnews+kitty-yo-special
+++1800-1900cet fakecore-show+bleep-hop tigerbeat6+kid606special/radioblau/leipzig/germany

1700-1800cet recordnews+kitty-yo-special (inkl. jahcoozi+richard davis iv.-Stuff)
1- modeselektor- fake emotions- hello mom- bpitchcontrol
2- jan jelinek - im diskodickicht- kosmischer pitch- scape/indigo
3- kammerflimmer kollektief/noze- lichterloh remix -remixed by - staubgold/kompakt
4- judith juillerat- a(r)mour-solioquy-shitkatapult/mdm
5- black dice-aba-broken ear record- dfa/emi
6- turner- so do i- slow abuse- ladomat/mute
7- the evens- on the face of it- protest records/sonicyouth.com
8- sutekh/wobbly- clawing your eyes out down to your peady-born again/collected remixes 1999-2005- leaf label/hausmusik
9-laub-laubfrosch rmx- 12"-kitty-yo 1998 ###kitty-yo: special
10-kante- einigen wir uns auf die zukunft- einigen wir uns auf die zukunft- kitty-yo/kollaps/payola 1997 ###kitty-yo: special
11-peaches-rock show - the teaches of peaches- kitty-yo 2000 ###kitty-yo: special
12-maximilian hecker- that´s why you do -fool -kitty-yo 2003 ###kitty-yo: special
13-raz ohara/richard davis- hymn acid reprise-kitty-cuts 2005 ###kitty-yo: special
14-jahcoozi- dot com bust- pure breed mongrel- kitty-yo 2005 ###kitty-yo: special
15-sound directions/madlib-wanda vidal-the funky side of life -stones throw/pias/rough trade

1800-1900cet Fakecore-Show+Bleep-Hop// special: tigerbeat6+kid606 incl. Interview: kid606
1-kid 606- cex remix i forgot to finish-who still kill sound-tigerbeat6 meow 102
2-kid 606- chart topping radio hit-down with the scene- ipecac 007
3-depeche mode/kid 606- dream on- mute lcd bong 30
4- knifehandchop-dancemix2000-irritant 019
5- kid606- fuck up everything you can before plan on slowing down-ps i love - mille plateaux 093
6- dwayne sodaberk-your style- paws across scandinavia tour 7"-tigerbeat6 meow 084
7- phon.o-dusted by the d- burn down the town-shitkatapult 064/tigerbeat6 meow 118
8- electric company-tu m´ennuis-it´s hard to be a baby -tigerbeat6 meow 068
9- dj rupture-paloma grease- split with the bug - tigerbeat6 meow 072
10- drop the lime - i got you know- this means forever part one- tigerbeat6 meow 112
11- catstep/my kitten/catnap-vatstep dsp remix hrvatski-kid606 and friends vol.1-tigerbeat6 meow 001
12- lesser-spirit o' 1076-7"- 555 records 029

dj night bleep-hop meets ein herz für hiphop//29.10.2005 radio blau//leipzig//germany

repeatbeat ||| bleep-hop ||| 2100-2120
1- prefuse73-black list-vocal studies & uprock narratives-warp
2- man´s best friend-poor is cool -the new human is illegal-morr music
3- kid606-never underestimate the value of a holler (vipee-pee mix)-the action packed mentallist brings you the fucking jams -violent turb
4- dj c-billy jungle (featuring shinehead)-12"-mashit04
5- unit-we are in love the narcoleptic symphony ltd.bonus 12"-bohnerwachs

Ben Sisko ||| ein herz für hiphop ||| 2120-2140
6- Black Star - Bright As The Stars - White
7- Grip Grand - Poppin Pockets Remix feat. AG - Look Records
8- Pitch Black – It’s All Real - Universal
9- Crookyln Dodgers - Crookly Dodgers - MCA
10- DJ Honda feat. Jeru The Damaja - El Presidente - DJ Honda Recordings

repeatbeat ||| bleep-hop ||| 2140-2205
11- dangerdoom-old skool rules-the mouse and the mask-lex
12- modeselektor-silikon-hello mom-bpitchcontrol
13- phon.o-kyoto station 6pm-burn down the town-shitkatapult
14- the flashbulb-an external frost-red extensions of me-bohnerwachs
15- mu-ziq-wergle the proud-ease up-12"-planet-mu
16- calibre-behind the sun-tuned in-cia

Ben Sisko ||| ein herz für hiphop ||| 2205-2225
17- The Perceptionists - Black Dialogue - Black Dialogue - Definite Jux
18- Little Brother - Light It Up (Nicolay Remix) - The Dutch Masters Vol. 1 -
19- De La Soul - Rock Co.Kane feat MF Doom - The Grind Date - Sanctuary Records
20- Mos Def - All Praise Due - Guidance
21- Mos Def - Umi Says – Black On Both Sides - Rawkus
22- DJ Hi-Tek feat. Mos Def & Vinia Mojica - Hi-Teknology - Rawkus

repeatbeat ||| bleep-hop ||| 2225-2250
23- jamie lidell-daddy´s car (boom bip rmx)-lexoleum-lex
24- prefuse73-hey linda, you lit up my life with your voice and made me fall in love with you-in the loop2-plug research
25- schlammpeitziger/wevie stonder-a buddha made of mud-everything without all in inclusive remixe-sonig
26- buffalo daughter-jelly fish blues (scratch pet land remix)-wxbd-grand royal
27- madlib/sound directions-a divine image-the funky side of life-stones throw
28- venetian snares-ongyilkos vasanap-ross czillag született-planet mu
29- apparat-komponent (telefon tel aviv)-silizium ep-shitkatapult

Ben Sisko ||| ein herz für hiphop ||| 2250-2315
30- Common - Be - Be - Getting Out Our Dreams
31- Beanie Siegel - Feel It In The Air -The B.Coming - Roc-A-Fella
32- Talib Kweli & Maceba Mooncycle - Luchroom Classics
33- Reflection Eternal - Love Language feat. Les Nubians - Train of Thought - Rawkus
34- Reflection Eternal - Love Speakeasy - Train Of Thought - Rawkus
35- Reflection Eternal - African Dream Instrumental - Train of Thought Instrumentals - Rawkus
36- Exile - Time Has Come feat. Slum Village - Studio Distribution

back2back- Ben Sisko ||| ein herz für hiphop ||| repeatbeat ||| bleep-hop ||| 2315-0000
37- cyne-running water (four tet rmx) - cco (bh)
38- Jay Z - Encore - The Black Album - Roc-A-Fella (ehfhh)
39- cody chesnutt - Daylight/So much Beauty in the Subconciousness - The Headphone Masterpiece - Ready Set Go (bh)
40- Edo G feat. Pete Rock - Revolution - Fatbeats Records (ehfhh)
41- virus syndicate-taxman-the work related illness-planet-mu (bh)
42- TY - Oh You Want More - Upwards - Big Dada (ehfhh)
43- dizzee rascal - Hold Ya Mouf - Boy In da Corner - XL Recordings (bh)
44- Little Brother - Altitudes - Chittlin Circuit 1.5 - Fastlife (ehfhh)
45- 13&god-soft atlas-12"-anticon/alien transistor (bh)
46- Guru's Jazzmatazz feat. Erykah Badu - Plenty - Virgin Records (ehfhh)
47- dj c- feat. wayne lonesome - come back wicked (mashit-mix)-shockout/tigerbeat6(bh)
48- Masta Ace - Don't Understand feat Greg Nice - Disposable Arts - Fat Beats (ehfhh)
49- Mos Def - May-December - Black On Both Sides - Rawkus (ehfhh)
22.10.2005 1800-1900 bleep-hop vs fakecore((++NOIZE CREATOR)

1800-1900 CET bleep hop vs fakecore (+ noize creator)
tomita - ballet of the chicks - pictures at an exhibition - amiga 855880
noize creator - ballet of the chicks (extended) - 7" - suburban trash 14.7
noize creator - suburban spring - die dresdner stadtmusikanten - suburban trash 001
kings of noize aka noize creator - if jesus was the devil - if jesus was the devil ep - six sixty six 009
the flashbulb - ? - drain mode on ep - bohnerwachs tontraeger 003
bogdan raczynski - the loneliest number remix - one the remix versions -suburban trash 008
noize creator - have a piss - noize creator ep - ambush 012
noize creator - undead - part 1 of the trilogy of dead ep - active underground 008


22.10.2005//1500 bleep-hop039+fakecore-show; Special sonig+cock rock disco/1700 record news+masha qrella

1500_ fakecore-show+bleep-hop---special sonig+cock rock disco
interview-stuff; frank dommert (sonig)+jason forrest aka donna summer (cock rock disco)

mouse on mars-owai-instrumentals-sonig01
jason forrest- satan cries again-the unrelenting songs of the 1979 post disco crash-sonig36
duran duran duran-manrammer- very pleasure-cock rock disco
schlammpeitziger/wevie stonder-a buddha made of mud- everything without all inklusive -sonig33
mouse on mars-introduce-7"-.sonig21
jason forrest-spectacle to refute all judgements--the unrelenting songs of the 1979 post disco crash-sonig36
terminal 11- in a place of love-illegal nervous habits-cock rock disco
scratch pet land- big grey ears-solo solii ii iii -sonig14
doormouse-mathematics-stanley yershonowski presents xylophone Jism as the riduculator-cock rock disco
lithops- we me-sonigcomp.-sonig11
aelters-la.st all one-archilds`com.undo-sonig29

1700_ bleep-hop-record-news +Interview Masha Qrella (morrmusic)

kid606 vs dälek-revenge of the circuit burners rmx-tigerbeat6
kid 606- spanish song- resilience- wichita/tigerbeat6
gravenhurst- the velvet cell-fires in distant buildings-warp/rough trade
depeche mode- precious12"-version-12"-mute/emi für Masha Qrella
masha qrella- destination vertical - morrmusic/indigo/hausmusik
morgenstern/lippok-sommer-tesri-monika enterprise/indigo
static-shift, smash,surge,swell-re:talking about memories-cco/hausmusik
giardini di mirò-flower of stand-7"-earsugar/sonicane.com
tellaro-1985-setback on the right track-2nd rec/sonicane.com/indigo
dangerdoom- the mask- the mouse and the mask-warp/rough trade

bleep-hop038 meets electrigger /electric eclectic tribute to john peel -11.10.2005/2100-2200 radio blau/leipzig

joy division- colony- peel session 1979
new order- senses -peel session1981
dj c- billy jungle feat. shinehead-mash it 2004
e.stonji- ishwya- broken ep-phantom noise records 2004
wire- a mutual friend friend- peel session 1979
can- tape kebab- peel session 1973
rechenzentrum- parabolid- peel session 2001- kitty-yo
apparat- not a good place- silizium ep- reworked from a studio session for john peel-shitkatapult 2004
erase and erata-retreat the most familar-peel session2003
robert wyatt&friends-little red riding hood hit the road- thetre royal drury lane 8th september 1974- hannibal 2005
tv on the radio -dry drunk emperor-brandnew free mp3 -touch and go 2005
playlist bleep-hop037-08th october 2005-1700-1800 CET record news+mimaku spldat

mu-ziq- ease up-planet mu/groove attack
kid 606-banana peel-wichita/v2
cyne- running water (four tet rmx)-12" -cco-hausmusik
j.rawls- ill connect-the essence of soul-polar ent./groove attack
jamie lidell/gonzales-mulitply (in a minor key)-multiplyEP-warp-rough trade
jahcoozi- generation chostbuster-kitty-yo/intergroove/mdm
why-rubber traits--elephant eyeflash-anticon/southern
books on tape-upon rock city-dinosaur dinosaur-alien8recordings
mimaku spldat-detachment-whatever i want-phantom noise records/sbm-online
mimaku spldat-whatever i want-whatever i want-phantom noise records/sbm-online
angie reed-hustle a hustler (eric d. clark rmx)-ep-c.o.s./flirt99/indigo
richard davis -sometimes-details-kitty-yo/intergroove/mdm
múm-random summer-yesterday was dramatic,today is okay-morr/hausmusik/indigo
+interview; Mimaku Spldat


24th_sept05_1700-1900/bleep-hop 036-record news+ the electric eclectic top-12
1700-1800 Bleep-Hop-Record-News

andreas dorau - Die Besondere -mute
soulwax- teachers- nite versions- pias
le tigre- t.k.o. (peaches knockout rmx)
annie -always too late- anniemal- 679 records
death from above 1979- blood on our hands (justice rmx) - 679 records
audion - rubber -suckfish- spectral/ghostly
acid wolf- scissor gate asid- legacy 1995-2005 -dirty dancing
folie- rocin- eyepennies -mitek
the tape vs rqm- minimal- autoreverse -kitty-yo
jahcoozi-homeboys blender- pure breed - kitty-yo
why?-waterfalls-elephant eyeflash-anticon
danger mouse&murs/the free design- to a black boy- light in the attic
marc hellner- handshaking - marriages- peacefrog
cobra killer&kapajkos - mund auf, augen zu-monika enterprise
luis marte-exploraciones6- essays on radio-can i have two minutes of your time?-cronica

1800-1900 the electric eclectic top12
electric eclectic* bleep-hop+ fakecore-show+electrigger
((( christiaN (electrigger), alex dee + mak (fakecore-show) + micha (bleep-hop)

12 venetian snares- hajnal-planet-mu
11 cyne- soapbox-city centre offices
10 apparat- silizium-shitkatapult
9 headset- jaw modulation-scape
8 hp.stonji-630 filbert rmx-phantom noise records
7 motormark-i´m about to do something (that i´m gonna regret) -digital hardcore recordings
6 unit- we are in love-suburban trash / bohnerwachs
5broadcast- michael a grammar/warp
4 phon.o- kyoto station 6 pm-shitkatapult
3 Cristian Vogel- The Time Lock/novamute
2 modesektor- modeselektors- rave anthems (bpitchcontrol
1 the flashbulb-passage d-suburban trash/bohnerwachs

dj koze- estrelle - kosie comes around
bleep-hop035 the split:record news+shitkatapult-special

1600-1700 record_news
John Yoko - morning paper- 7" -a number of small things006-morr/hausmusik
broadcast- black cat- tender buttons- warp/rough trade
bernadette la hengst- wer hat das glück versteckt?-la beat - trikont/indigo
richard davis- sometime (edit)-detais-kitty-yo
folie- krogg- eyepennies- mitek/mdm-alive
giardini di miro- blood red bird- the north atlantic traty of love- 2nd rec/sonicane.com
bloc party- so here we are (four tet rmx)-wichita/v2
safety scissors- sunlight´s´on the other side- tainted lunch-scape/indigo
hometrainer- enter your soul-homethrower maxi-doxa/alive/groove attack
washer-dirty tricks- trains and attitude-keplar-hausmusik
mu-ziq- ease up-ease-12"-planet-mu/groove attack
gintas k-tunning on-essays on radio-can i have to minutes of your time?-cronica/a-musik

1700-1800 shitkatapult-special--all records shitkatapult- www.shitkatapult.com
das bierbeben- deutschlands mauern fallen-strike39
t.raumschmiere- -cosmick suckers volume orange-strike01
phon.o-what is kleingehacktes-mokkastübchen e.p.-strike35
holz-brett-musick to play in the club02-strike51
peter grummich- wake up naked-switch off the soap opera-strike61
herr pitzelberger-gibt sich die ehre b3-strike6
rechenzentrum-absent minded- cozmick suckers volume silver strike10
nanospeed- slicer- from nano to slomo- strike03
t.raumschmiere- sick like me-sick like me (motor mix)- novamute/shitkatapult

playlist 03rd 09 2005 electric eclectic dj night 2100-0000 CET--electric eclectic=bleep-hop+electrigger+fakecore-show

2100-2130 Micha (repeatbeat/bleep-hop)
01. saalschutz-leererer inhaltsloserer ausdruck (accapella)-rewika
02. the flashbulb- black lawn finale- - bohnerwachs
03. venetian snares-masodik galamb- planet-mu
04. dj shirley-the band bigs all- scheinselständig
05. prefuse73-point to b-warp
06. headset-crasping claw-scape
07. voice-mediocre -public transit
08. t.raumscmiere-a million brothers-blahblahblah (pole rmx)-shitkatapult/ mute
09. LIARS- nothing is ever lost or can be lost my science friend- mute

2130-2200 electrigger (disco hospital)
01. disco drive - calling calling
02. wall of voodoo - back in flesh
03. geile tiere - berlin nite
04. schwabinggrad ballett - trashcan
05. liaisons dangereuses - los ninos del parque
06. thomas dolby - europa and the pirate twins
07. les rita mitsouko & the sparks - singing in the shower
08. goldfrapp - ooh la la (phones re-edit)

2200-2230 alex dee (fakecore-show/phantomnoise)
01. Jan AG - untitled - unreleased
02. The Tubes - I was a punk before you were a punk - what do you ... live
03. Mr. Ebu - dancing girls - we don't care about the haircut - dhyana 017
04. Stereo Total - chelsea girls (thieves like us remix) - disco b 134
05. KosmonautenTraum - juri gagarin - Ungehörtes Unerhörtes - vinyl on demand
05. Einstürzende Neubauten - Was ist ist - Ende Neu - our choice
06. Motormark - I'm about to do something... - chrome tape - dhr 41
07. Machine Gun Tv - marble - gue ep - tochnit aleph 28
08. Alec Empire - Uproar - Kiss of death 7 inch - dhr 44ER
09. Patric C - hitler 2000 - hilter 2000 - dhr lp 24

2230-2300 Micha (repeatbeat/bleep-hop)
01. the bug-run the place red-afx mix-rephlex
02. barth-shizophrenic-plain
03. echo depth finder-hip hop hype-meteosound
04. dizzee rascal-round we go-xl
05. phon.o-kyoto station 6pm- shitkatapult
06. jaylib-the red-stones throw
07. noah23-nova toast-2nd rec
08. dälek-culture for dollars-ipecac

2300-2330 electrigger (disco hospital)
01. dub pistols - westway
02. richard h. kirk - poets saints revolutionaries
03. loop guru - catalyst
04. sun electric - eya
05. art of noise - dragnet`88
06. howie b- angels goo bald

2330-000 alex dee (fakecore-show/phantomnoise)
01. Noize Creator - Rock da house - Shut up and Dance ep - nasdia 003
02. Shitmat - Argos - Planet mu 118
03. Dose D - Soulfire - Highpulse 002
04. Breakin Stevens - Rollin - ZE french Bootleg ep - ZFBZ 001
05. Mike Comte - Sweet Dreams - TNT Cosmos 09
06. Datach'i - Musket Iron - The elements - Suburband Trash 20
bleep-hop034-record news 27/08/2005-1700CET

phon.o kyoto station 6pm- burn down the town- shitkatapult/mdm/kompakt/alive!
kid 606- i miss you-resilience- wichita
dälek- distord prose- absence-ipecac/southern
cyne- moonlight- evolution fight/cco/indigo/hausmusik
finn. - electricfy-the apes will have it- sunday service/indigo
icalma-rose- bun o und -telecopic/hausmusik
egoexpress- aranda- ladomat
jahcoozi-jah C/DC-black barbie- kitty yo/intergroove
safety scissors-after disaster- tainted lunch-scape/indigo/mdm
washer-this noise is a language-trains and attitude-keplar-hausmusik/a-musik
hometrainer- homethrower- doxa/alive/groove attack
the juan maclean- love is in the air- less then human- dfa/emi
phon.o-bluehende landschaften-burn down the town- shitkatapult/mdm/kompakt/alive!

bleep-hop-extra033 +fakecore-show -a few (re-)mixes 27/08/2005-1500CET
tocotronic- pure vernunft darf niemals siegen -superpitcher/wassermann remix- kompakt pop 2005
dj koze-blumfeld+steve bug - tausend tränen tief/loverboy- big cat 1999
simian- never be alone- simian mobile disco remix - never be alone -source
t.raumschmiere- a billion brothers - pole rmx - a million brothers novamute/shitkatapult 2004
DJ C- Billy Jungle -mash it 004- 2004
spillsbury - die wahrheit- jns remix -lado 2003
the robocop kraus - filler - yubellado- 2003
console/katacombo-14 zero zero (1979-version)
björk-beats beats beyond (bersarin platz remix)-army of me-UNICEF-one little indian 2005
fs. blumm - scratch up the dancing girls - we don´t care about the haircuts- a tribute to nik k. dhyana records 1999
squarepusher (joy division)-love will tear us apart - do you know sqarepusher 2002
aphex twin (die fantastischen vier)- krieger- 26 remixes for cash-warp 2003
depeche mode- dream on -kid 606 mix- labels 2001
bleep-hop032-playlist- special fat cat rec+ some record news/13.08.2005-1600-1800CET/radio blau leipzig
fat-cat-records-special (vertrieb der aktuellen platten via pias)

sigur rós - svefn-g-englar - Ágætis Byrjun -2LP
prozess - e1 - Emiliana Torini-RMX -7"
mice parade - focus on the roller coaster - 7"
set fire to flames - steal compass/drive north/ Disappear -Sign Reign Rebuilder -LP
david grubbs- hurricane season- a guess at the ridle -LP
duplo remote -cusp - split series 13 -12"
black dice- things will never be the same - beaches and canyons -CD
múm- green grass of tunnel-7"
blörk+funkstörung - all is full of love (in love with björk) -12"
xinlisupreme- murder license -branches and routes- 2CD
matmos- freak n you -branches and routes -2CD
process- popbeat- split series 9-16-CD
lebenswelt -and my life is so frail -fat-cat.co.uk/demo
party of one- snap you like a twig- caught the blast- CD
kid606- die in california - split series 10- 12"
dummy crusher- kid 606 rocks but he will too die when the revolution comes -fat-cat.co.uk/demo
the mutts- stranded- life in dirt -CD
the dylan group- avila- branches and routes- 2CD

playlist bleep-hop031-hiphopextra/07.08.2005 1800 CET/Radio Blau Leipzig

prefuse73- radio attack- vocal studies+uprock narratives - warp/rough trade
prefuse73- pagina oche- prefuse73 reads the books e.p.-warp/rough trade
headset- then again- spacesettings- scape/indigo
13&god- làltas flexible/von gradleute (remix by hrvatski)- men of station/soft atlas - alien transistor/anticon/hausmusik
cyne- growing - growing ep- cco/hausmusik/indigo/sister comfort
cyne-running water- evolution flight -cco/hausmusik/indigo/sister comfort
virus syndicate- get money- the work related illness- planet-mu/groove attack/dense
aesop rock- fast cars- def jux 2005-definitive jux/pias
c-rayz-walz- street reppin-year of the beast- definitive jux/pias
madlib/the free design- where do i go- the now sound redisgned- light in the attick/pop-up-promotion
busdriver- unempoyed black astronaut (nobody remix)- big dada/rough trade
boom bip- do´s and dont´s- scd- warp/rough trade
why?- pantone cyan- sanddollars, the ep- anticon/southern
some water and sun-introduction- all my friends have to go-hefty/stars-and-heroes

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