BLEEP-HOP 41-50///11/05-02/06

Bleep-Hop050 feb 11th 2006/-Bonus Show/1500-1600cet/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1-björk/bogdan raczynski- who is it? (shooting stars & asteroids mix) -rephlex
2-folie- strum- eyeponies- eyepennies- mitek
3-youdee- gernegross- through the tulips- onitor
4-chessie- velvet- dual mode- lok-musik
5-lawrence- swap- the night will last forever- ladomat2000
6-laurenz pike- drums for fun and fitness- 10"- monika enterprise
7-slepcy- with charles bukowski on the ride-cock rock disco complilation- cock rock disco
8-b.fleischmann- cain-the humbucking coil-morr
9-gravenhurst- the diver- flashlight seasons-warp
10-johnny cash- life goes on- traveling cash - an imaginary journey- bear family
11-schlammpeitziger/wevie stonder- a buddha made of mud-everything without all inclusive remixed-sonig

bleep-hop 049record news/jan 28th 2006/1700-1800CET/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. britta- depressiver tag (mez-remix)- depressiver tag- flittchen records
2. nmfarner- cheapo- das gesicht (haben) ep- labels
3. b.fleischmann- gain- the humbucking coil- morrmusic
4. b.fleischmann- phones and machines- the humbucking coil- morrmusic
5. Slepcy-With_Charles_Bukowski_On_The_Ride -Cock Rock Disco 2006 Free Compilation-Cock Rock Disco
6. Otto von Schirach-Earjuice Synthesis (Jamie Lydell´s Hair Does not Loose About This Hoose Remoox) Futurism Ain´t Shit to me 2- kitty-yo
7. elliot lipp- the people- tacoma mocking bird- hefty
8. laurenz pike- last dance (masha qrella mix)- drums for fun and fitness- monika
9. agf- marzipan- agf.3&sue c mini movies- ashopel
10. halma- lands end- back to pascal- sunday service
11. minipli 550- Learning and Working Scientificly with-Learning and Working Scientificly-megapeng
12. nicolette- i am where the party at (bug remix)-i am where the party at-early records
13. tortoise and bonnie "prince" billy- daniel- the brave and the bold- domino
bleep-hop 047+048/record news+vertical form r.i.p.-special/jan 14th 2006/1700-1900CET/radio blau/leipzig/germany

bleep-hop basics: record news -jan 14th 2006/1700-1800CET
1- die goldenen zitronen- wenn ich ein turnschuh wär - 7"- buback/indigo
2- electric president- metal fingers- electric president- morr/hausmusik
3- ariel pink- hardcore pops are fun- house arrest- paw tracks
4- exilon- moonlight sinatra- the keening dithers- ad noiseam
5- chessie- eyes and smiles- dual mode- lok-musik
6- four tet- this is six minutes- everything ecstatic part 2- domino
7- town and country- cloud seeding- up above- thrill jockey
8- eliott lipp- sex tape- tacoma mockingbird- hefty records
9- stereo total/echokrank-everybody in the discotheque (i hate)-discotheque-disko b
10- trentemøller- physical fraction- 12"- automatique
10- pellarin- acoustic strumm- tango EP- statler&waldorf
11- vorpal- gymnopedic-v1.01-cock rock disco free compilation 2006 -cockrockdisco.com/free.zip
12- csyceouts ghost- buddha step-vikalpa- suburban trash industries
13- pulseprogramming/sam -pulseprogramming sam miller remix- tulsa for one second remix project- aesthetics

vertical form special-jan 14th 2006/1800-1900CET

1- smyglyssna- we can we fake it (sixtoo remix)- we can fix it remixe- vertical form 28
2- tim hiorthoøy-möblera rum- pro bono publico- vertical form 14
3- pan american -st.cloud- the river made no sound- vertical form 17
4- iso 68- engel korrigiert- pro bono publico- vertical form 14
5- sixtoo- outremont mainline runs across the sunset- outremont mainline- vertical form 25
6- corker/conboy- kite-pro bono publico- vertical form 14
7-corker/conboy can of worms (opened up by xela)- six for five- vertical form 35
8- sixtoo- almost a dot on the map.the psyche years- vertical form 32
9- mc enroe-6.25at the first window- 5 years in the factory- vertical form 38
playlist bleep-hop 046/tocotronic/dec 31th 2005/1700-1800CET

>TOCOTRONIC< LIVE 20.10.2005

playlist 27.12.2005-2100-2200
phillip boa&the voodoo club- special
Interview mit Phillip Boa

01- get terminated- live in leipzig
02- burn all the flags (single edit)- burn all the flags - motor
03- songs before the wall- live! exile on valetta street- polydor
04- diana- live! exile on valetta street- polydor
05- container love- live in leipzig
06- love on sale - live in leipzig
07- i´m a ex 1/2 popstar- c90- rza/lado
08- it´s not punk anymore it´s now new wave- c90- rza/lado
09- this is michael- westbam remix-singles collection 1985-1998
10- picasso´s dog- 20 years of indie cult ep-lado
11- decadence& isolation- decadence and isolation- motor
playlist bleep-hop044+045/the december split: news+thrill jockey-mini-special/dec 17th 2005/1700-1800CET
bleep-hop-2005/12months12songs:)1800-1900CET/radio blau, leipzig, germany

bleep-hop-the december split: news+thrill jockey-mini-special/dec 17th 2005/1700-1800CET
01-die goldenen zitronen-wenn ich ein turnschuh wär-7"buback/indigo
02-depeche mode- newborn -Foster Remix by Kettel- a pain that i´m used to-mute/emi
03-pulseprogramming/barbara morgenstern-11-tulsa for one second BM Remix- remix project -aesthetics/alive
04-chessie- eyes and smilies- dual mode- lok musik/hausmusik/indigo
05-dominik eulberg- basstölpel-robag whruhme rokkymöuntänsrümüx-wighnomy bros/robag 06-whruhme remikks potpourri-mute/emi
07-geroyche-death- voxxx series a135-ventilatormusik

THRILL JOCKEY_Mini-Special/alle Platten im Vertrieb Rough Trade
08-tortoise-the eguaton-tnt
09-pit er pat-3d message-3d message
10-ooioo- fossil- gold&green
11-adult- bad ideas- gimme trouble
12-town and country- phoney fuckin mountain- up above
13-jeff parker-when did you stop loving me, when did i stop loving you-the relatives

01-january) maximo park--fear of falling-apply some pressure ep-warp/rough trade
02-february) 13&God-perfect speed-13&god- anticon/alien transistor/hausmusik
03-march) venetian snares-öngyilkos vasàsarnap- rossz csillag alatt született-planet-mu/groove attack/sbm-online
04-april) jersey- slow summer- jersey- lok/indigo/morr
05-may)heimir björgulfsson&jonas ohlsson-bridge over river glitsch-king glitsch/a-musik
06-june) echo depth finders- on the air-entering the city of dolls-meteosound/kompakt/alive
07-july) funkstörung-wearing old armani-the return to the planet acid/k7/rough trade
08-august) phon.o- trick or treat- funkstörung rmx- 12"- shitkatapult/mdm/alive
09-september)mu-ziq- wergle the proud-ease up12"-planet-mu/groove attack
10-october) the evens- sara lee- the evens-dischord/southern
11-november) giardini di mirò-flower of stand-7"-earsugar/sonicane.com
12-december) the flashbulb- going brown again-réunion- sublight records/suburbantrashindustries
13-bonus)mothboy- slowraider-exonian-adnoiseam.net

playlist bleep-hop43/06th december 2005/phon.o-special-2100-2100cet

1-drop the lime - i got you now- this means forever (volume one) 12"-tigerbeat6
2-phon.o- burn both us- burn down the town - shitkatapult/tigerbeat6/mdm
phon.o- LIVESET/WATERGATE August 2005
3-trick or treat
4-313 dumpsta railin'
5-en duo avec george w.
6-ridin' dirty
7-busted in da d
8-kyoto station 6pm

9-apparat-bolz-Strike 50-shitkatapult/mdm
10- Kid606/hrvatski-Catstep / My Kitten / Catnap Vatstep DSP -kid606 and friends-tigerbeat6
11- antipop consortium-ping pong- arrhyhmia-warp/rough trade
playlist bleep-hop042/03rd december 2005/1700-1800cet/+electric-eclectic-tocotronic-special/1900-2100 radio blau/leipzig/germany

playlist bleep-hop042-record news 1700-1800cet
01-billy mahonie- little feat- found- oofrecords/www.oofrecords.co.uk/
02-julian fane-safety man- 7" -planet-mu/suburban trash industries
03-lawrence english- adrift-happiness will befall-cronica/a-musik
04-the flashbulb- going brown again-réunion- sublight records/suburban-trash-industries
05- e.stonji-nowhere.nside-7"+dvd -sozialistischer-plattenbau.org/sbm-online.de
06- elliott lipp- rap tight-tacoma mocking bird-hefty records/mdm
07- venetian snares-aanguish-meathole-planet-mu/groove attack/suburban trash industries
08- das bierbeben- staub- robag whruhme- remikks potpourri (whignomy bros/robag whruhme)-mute
09- mothboy-csr-exonian12-ad noiseam/a-musik
10- tarwater- tesla- dis_patched-rx:tx/a-musik
11- apparat-silizium (bus rmx)-silizium ep-shitkatapult/mdm
12- antifamily- law of the plainsmen-game&errancy-difficult fun records
13- tocotronic- morgen wird wie heute sein (funkstörung rmx) - variationen-lado/rough trade

playlist electric-eclectic: tocotronic special 1900-2100cet
01 -tocotronic- die idee (proberaum 1993)-best of-lado/rough trade
02- fuck- alice, all i want is alice (alles was ich will) - conduct/matador/beggars/indigo
03- staff- we do weddings- if it ain´t staff it ain´t worth a fuck-homesleep
04- staff- george w.hitler-george w.hitler ep- lamar records
05- tocotronic- pure vernunft darf niemals siegen (lawrence remix)- best of-rough trade/lado
06- tocotronic- die welt kann mich nicht mehr verstehen-best of-rough trade/lado
+Interviews mit : Dirk von Lowtzow + Staff
+ Konzertmitschnitt Halle/Saale 20.10.2005


playlist bleep-hop041/19th november 2005/1700-1800cet/radio blau/leipzig/germany
+++record news ++interviews: annie+calibre

1-mothboy- too close- exonian-ad noiseam/sbm-online/a-musik
2-tocotronic - pure vernunft darf niemals siegen lawrence rmx- the best of tocotronic-lado/rough trade
3-piano overlord- agrophobia- the singles collection 03-05-money studies
4-turner- slow abuse-slow abuse- ladomat2000/emi
5-the evens- all these governors-the evens- dischord/southern
6-ooioo- moss trumpeter- gold & green-thrill jockey/rough trade
7-annie- the wedding- the wedding12"- k7 (+recorded interview)
8-calibre-got a thing- second sun-signature/groove attack(+recorded interview)
9-judith juillerat-slack time-soliyquy-shitkatapult/mdm
10- quio- so dazed (agf-mix)- radio edits-agf producktions/quiolikeoooh.com
11- agf- my most amazing new patch -dis_patched-rx:tx/a-musik
12- amandine-blood&marrow- this is where our hearts collide-fat cat/pias/rough trade

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