BLEEP-HOP 51-60///03/06-06/06

playlists 17.06.2006///1700-1800cet bleep-hop 060: record news/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. sonic youth- what a waste- rather ripped- goofin records
2. giardini di miro- the perfect trick- north atlantic treaty of love- 2nd rec
3. sten- take me to the fridge- take me to the fridge- dial rec
4. remute- i love my parents- remute- ladomat
5. fenin- batteria- musick 10- strike 74
6. larvae- dead beat-dead weight- ad noiseam
7. skream- i (loefah remix)- 12"- tempa
8. digital mystics- ancient memories- dmz008
9. michael forshaw- i love horses-7"- mullet04
10. french toast- patterns- in a cave- dischord
Studioguests: Ripley+ Kid Kameleon

playlist 09/06/2006_2100-2200_electric eclectic: in the mix (world cup special)/radio blau/leipzig/germany

00 repeatbeat_bleep-hop_intro
01 schlammpeitziger- a buddha made of mud- everything without all inclusive- - sonig33
02 elliot lipp- the shade- rap tight- hefty records white 6
03 the flashbulb- if trees could speak- red extensions of me- bohnerwachs 9
04 daelek- ascensions- streets all amped- ad noiseam 58
05 lawrence- winter green (audision remix)- dial records 21
06 apparat- berlin- berlin, montreal, tel aviv- shitkatapult/strike69
07 miwon- flakes- pale glitter- cco/towerblock 29
by repeatbeat (bleep-hop)

00 alexdee_fakeshow-intro
01 endless loop-alphacut 4
02 lxc- structure break- strukturbruch ep- phantomnoise 4
03 jacky murda-ganja fi legal (murderbot remix)-dead homies 4
04 x&trick-ear forever ep- bugklinik 2
05 modeselektor- fake emotion (dabrye rmx)- hello mom rmxs_bpc 121
06 no m no s no m_skeletal decisions (something j rmx)- lux nigra 23
07 depeche mode- darkest star (holden dub) . xl12bong37
08 dwayne sodaberk- yr style-tour 7 inch- meow14
09 frederik schikowsli- noch 12/8 tage bis jan kommt- lux nigra 7
10 felix kubin- die kulturelle revolution- a-musik 26
11 lxxxc- crowd complain alert- alphacut 0/minor 11
12 society suckers- kakke ekko- le ragazze hanno ep- mental ind 3
13 endless loop- skills music- 2x7 inch- sozialistischer plattenbau 5/6
by alex dee (fakecore-show)

03.06.2006///1700-1800cet bleep-hop 059: record news + electric-eclectic: dial-special/radio blau/leipzig/germany

SAT 03 JUN 2006 17:00 BLEEP-HOP BASICS RECORD NEWS.-Indies, Electronics, HipHop

1. b.fleischmann- frisky he said- 7 - a.n.o.s.t./morr/hausmusik
2. matmos- deam and sequins for larry levan- the rose has teeth in the mouth of a beast- matador/beggars
3. plus device- compose the beat- history is bunk- hefty records/mdm
4. knifehandchop- all over your face (reverse) - dirty new york e.p.- tigerbeat6
5. planningtorock- don t want what you don t want- have it all- chicks on speed records
6. die goldenen zitronen- lenin- lenin- buback/indigo
7. telefon tel aviv- street spirit (fade out)- exit music: songs with radio heads- k7/rapster
8. keef baker- psychiatric credit- pure language- ad noiseam
9. larvae- warding- dead weight- ad noiseam
10. dabrye- game over (feat jay dee & phat kat)- two/three- ghostly
11. my name is nobody- I hope you are well, i am and i send you my fingers- collectif-effervesence/hausmusik
12. herbert- movie star- scale - accidental/k7

by rentek(propellas)& repeatbeat (bleep-hop)

1. carsten jost- w.u.o.- the lost tracks- dial 16
2. lawrence- cab driver- the night will last forever- dial cd/lp-07
3. pantha du prince- glyzerin- diamond daze- dial cd/lp-05
4. dominique- speak to me- speak to me- dial
5. sten- part three- hamburgerberg-antifaschistische aktion- dial 13
6. efdemin- bergwein- ep- dial 30
7. nike bordom- r&b&e part 1- music for non-existing dancefloors- dial 27
8. denis karimani- war es nicht - war es nicht- dial 22

20.05.2006///1720-1800cet bleep-hop 058: Live From PopUp + electric-eclectic-pop-up-dj-night/radio blau/leipzig/germany

bleep-hop live from pop-up 17.20- 18.00
1. Giardini Di Mirò-Given Ground (Alias RMX)-North Atlantic Treaty Of Love- 2nd Rec
2. Giardini Di Mirò-Little Cesar- North Atlantic Treaty Of Love- 2nd Rec
3. I´m Not A Gun -Move- We Think As Instruments- City Centre Offices
4. Bob Humid- The Second Closer Still 3rd Cut (feat. Coloma)-Second Wind Phenomen- Suburban Trash Industries/Serve&Destroy
5. Bob Humid- All Streets Are Mechanical- Second Wind Phenomen-Suburban Trash Industries/Serve&Destroy

++++ Interviews:
Thomas Christoph Heyde (FZML, Leipzig), Johannes Schardt (2nd Rec., Hamburg) Bob Humid (Suburban Trash Industries, Köln),

electric-eclectic-pop-up-dj-night 2100-0000

Pop up DJ-Nach Radio Blau
Playlist Sunday Service vs. Iso 68 DJ Battle
mit Patrick Ziegelmüller (Sunday Service/FSK HH) und Flow (iso68/jersey/B)

1. Art Of Noise - Close To The Edit - ZTT
2. Broadcast - The Black Cat -Warp
3. Guided By Voices -Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen Directory-Scat
4. Gravenhurst -Diane- Warp
5. Radio One -The Prophets- Uqiquity
6. Mike Ladd -Barney’s Girl-Roir
7. Eric’s Trip-Stove- Sub Pop
8. Sonic Youth - She’s Not Alone- Geffen
9. Palermo Disko Machine-Pump- Kitsune
10. Lou & Placedo-Last Night Notwist Saved My Live- Gema
11. Telstar Ponies -Lügengeschichte-Fire
12. Joe Meek-Love Dance Of The Saroos- RPM
13. Maria Creuza -Voce Abusu-Nascente
14. Schwermut Forest-Vorne Sitzen Ohne Streit -Kollaps
15. Xanadu-Sure Shot- Soul Jazz
16. Les Reines Prochaines - Don’t Fall In Love-white

22.30-23.15 Metasound (phunkfiction rec/L) d&b in the MIX:)

23.15-0.00 Noize Creator (Suburban Trash Industries/DD)-LIVE_Grind-Step
playlists 06.05.2006///1700-1800cet bleep-hop 057: record-news/electric eclectic 10years hefty records-special/radio blau/leipzig/germany

bleep-hop: record news

1. sten - leaving the frantic- leaving the frantic- dial
2. phantom ghost- where more gifted people cracked- three- lado/dial
3. the year of- stephen hawkin- slow days- morr music
4. the year of- sleep- slow days- morr music
5. boards of canada- dayvan cowboy- trans canada highway- warp
6. herbert- the movers and the shakers- harmonise/the movers and the shakers-accidental/k7
7. rjd2- all for u - magnificent city instrumental- decon
8. slum village- keep it on (this beat)- fantastic vol. 1- donut boy records
9. larvae (the shadowhuntaz)- nation of bling- dead weight- ad noiseam
10.escape now! - cluster- st. anorak- bohnerwachs
11. pellarin- restless- going through phases- statler&waldorf
12. i´m not a gun- rush hour traffic- we think as instruments -cco
+ short interview: the year of (morr music)

10years hefty records! electric eclectic by bleep-hop
1. l´alltra- mail bomb- different days- hefty records
2. bill ding- bucket of strawberrys- hefty! digest- hefty records
3. telefon tel aviv -fahrenheit fair enough- hefty! digest- hefty records
4. eliott lipp- hefty naked ninja mix- history is bunk- hefty records
5. t.raumschmiere/bill ding/john hughes-variokoppler/ride to the airport/est me on the couch (prefuse 73 mix)- hefty digest (prefuse 73-mix)- hefty records
6. elliot lipp- the shade- rap tight 12- hefty records
7. eliott lipp- cushman- immediate action- hefty records
8. some water and sun - snowbreaker- 12"- hefty records
9. retina.it- our lady of mystery- hefty! digest- hefty records
10. plus device- compose the beat- history is bunk 2- hefty records
Interviews: John Hughes+ Eliott Lipp
playlists 22.04.2006///1700-1800cet bleep-hop 056: record-news/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. phantom ghost- relax it´s only a ghost- three- ladomat/broken silence
2. das bierbeben- im kreis- 12"- shitkatapult/mdm
3. diario- scale- things in the mirror appear closer than they are- velocitysounds/alive
4. britta- wer wird millionaer?- das schoene leben- flittchen rec/hausmusik
5. britta- seltsam seltsam- - das schoene leben- flittchen rec/hausmusik
6. barbara morgenstern- das schoene einheitsbild- the grass is always greener- monika/indigo
7. ellen allien&apparat- metric- orchestra of bubbles- bpitch
8. logistics- shooting star- hospitalised- hospital/groove attack
9. jason forrest- skyrocket saturday- shameless exiting- sonig
10. daelek- forever close your eyes (remix by larvae)- ad noiseam/adnoiseam.net
11. mapstation - eleven- distance told me things to be said- scape/indigo
12. phantom ghost- a blush- three- ladomat/broken silence
+ Interview Christiane Roesinger (britta)

playlist 08.04.2006 1700-1900 electric-eclectic: 120 minuten mit den goldenen zitronen/radio blau/leipzig/germany

electric-eclectic: 120 minuten mit den goldenen Zitronen
interviews ted gaier + schorsch kamerun + goldies live (at) conne island 12/2005

1700-1800 + interviews
1. die goldenen zitronen- für immer punk-porsche, genscher, hallo hsv- weser
2. die goldenen zitronen/easy business/iq- 80.000.000 Millionen Hooligans- ep- sub up records
3. die goldenen zitronen- weil wir einverstanden sind _justus köhncke rmx-remixe- cooking vinyl
4. bernadette la hengst- her mit der utopie- la beat- trikont
5. die goldenen zitronen- alles was ich will (nur die regierung stürzen)- aussage gegen aussage- buback
6. die goldenen zitronen- von den schwierigkeiten, die stürzen zu wollen- schafott zum fahrstuhl- buback
7. sylvester boy- sylvester boy ww.toy- monsters rule this world - chicks on speed records
8. die goldenen zitronen- das hat nichts zu mit kunst- das bisshen totschlag- sub up records
9. die goldenen zitronen- available anmimal style - aussage gegen aussage- buback

(sorry, no playlist)

playlists 08.04.2006///1430-1545cet bleep-hop 055: record-news/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. britta- wer wird millionär? - das schöne leben- flittchen/indigo
2. stereolab- get a shot of the refrigerator- 7"- too pure/indigo
3. nobody and the mystic chords of memory- broaden a new sound tree coloured see ...- santuary / 7" - earsugar/hausmusik
4. ellen allien& apparat- turbo dreams - 12"- bpitch control
5. barbara morgenstern - die japanische schranke - the grass is always greener- monika
6. diario- -cars in trains- things in the mirror appear closer than they are- velocitysounds
7. daelek- ascension- streets all amped- ad noiseam/adnoiseam.net
8. the eternals - by this time today- high anxiety ep- aesthetics/alive
9. modeselektor-fake emotions (dabrye remix) - hello mom! the remixe -bpitch control
10. mocky- what´s the use (mocky remix)- scd-warp/rough trade
11. no movement no sound no memories - acetate cold mix -
12. matthew dear- send you back- idol tryouts: ghostly international vol two- ghostly international
13. elliott lipp- nokia-rap tight ep 12"-hefty/mdm
14. i am not a gun-move- we think as instruments -cco/hausmusik/indigo
25.03.2006///1700-1800cet bleep-hop 054: record-news/radio blau/leipzig/germany

oups. falsches datum; ist natürlich die playlist vom 25.03.!!!

1- dälek- maintain- streets all amped- ad noiseam/possible music/adnoiseam.net
2- möbius band- electronic piano- ghostly international idoltryouts two- ghostly international
3- daniel meteo- it´s maybe late for you- peruments- meteosound/mdm
4- b.fleischmann- cain- the humbucking coil- morrmusic/hausmusik/indigo
5- the eternals- exercise tiger vs. the eternals- high anxiety remix ep-aesthetics/alive
6- no movement no sound no memories- ampel rot, ampel grün, ampel rot- james din a4 remix- ep- lux nigra/baked goods/hausmusik
7- folie - form meets dysfunction- do you copy?- mdm/alive
8- mike shannon- sudden moves- possible conclusions to the stories that never end- scape- mdm/indigo
9- jackson and his computer band- rock on - v.a.-futurism ain´t shit to me part 2-kyo/mdm/intergroove
10- pascal fuhlbrügge- these days- cd1-materie/broken silence
11- nobody- memory- mystic chords of memory- earsugar jukebox/hausmusik
12- peanut wilson- cast iron arm- john peel&sheila the big pigs 78´s a beginner guide- trikont/indigo

playlists 11.03.2006///1700-1800cet bleep-hop 053: record-news /1800-1900 cet electric-eclectic: ad noiseam /radio blau/leipzig/germany

1700-1800cet bleep-hop 053: record-news

1. britta- depressiver tag- ep- flittchen records
2. eliot lipp -tic tac - tacoma mocking bird- hefty
3. daniel meteo- (peru arrives) just in time- peruments- meteosounds-mdm
4. apparat- tel aviv- berlin, montreal, tel aviv-strike 69/shitkatapult- mdm
5. matthew herbert sampelt einen schlüsselbund und baut daraus ein stück- klaus sander/jan st. werner- vorgemischte welt- edition suhrkamp
6. lawrence- wasting a fall- idoltryouts two-ghostly international vol two- ghostly international
7. mogwai- travel is dangerous- mr. beast- rock action-pias
8. ms. john soda-no. one- notes and the like- morrmusic-hausmusik/indigo
9. miwon- flakes- pale glitter- city centre offices/towerblock29- hausmusik
10. pillow- tree shadows- flowing seasons- 2nd rec- hausmusik
11. zuchini drive- good music& indian food- being kurtwood- 2nd rec-hausmusik
12. cool calm pete- dinner and a movie- lost- definitive jux/pias
13. nightmares on wax- you wish- in a space outta space- warp-rough trade

1800-1900 cet electric-eclectic (bleep-hop, electrigger, fakecore-show)
labelspecial ad noiseam
interviews nicloas chevreux and mothboy

1. mothboy - stuck in a moment - exonian 12" -ad noiseam 52
2. Tarmvred-Amfetakrom- krach test- ad noiseam 01 sold out!
3. dälek- forever close my eyes (remix by larvae) -ad noiseam 2001-2006- ad noiseam 60
4. lapsed & non non : Z crazy eyes - ad noiseam 2001-2006- ad noiseam 60
5. keef baker- nr 42- ad noiseam 2001-2006- ad noiseam 60
6. az- rotator- hard disc dead- ad noiseam 2001-2006- ad noiseam 60
7. mothboy- area vs area- ad noiseam 2001-2006- ad noiseam 60
8. mad ep-saill on- eating movies- ad noiseam 44
9. antigen shift- as flies to careless boys we are to gods- ad noiseam 57

sorry, no time for playlist-ing:)
playlists 25.02.2006///1700-1800cet bleep-hop 052: record-news /1800-1900 cet /radio blau/leipzig/germany

1700-1800 cet bleep-hop-record news+ interview Jimmy Edgar (WARP)
1. apparat- berlin- berlin, montreal, tel aviv- shitkatapult strike 69- mdm
2. ms.john soda- plenty of- notes and the like- morr music 064- indigo/hausmusik
3. mogwai- glasgow mega snake- mr.beast- rock action/pias
4. b.fleischmann- from to- the humbucking coil- morr music 063- indigo/hausmusik
5. slum village- set it- futurism ain´t shit to me 2-kitty-yo -intergroove/mdm
6. moderat- let your love grow- exclusive bugs- de:bug hartwaren cd001- de:bug100
7. jerry abstract- mudtsmut- mudmuts ep- shitkatapult strike 70/musick 08- mdm
8. jimmy edgar- my beats- color strip- warp-rough trade
9. jimmy edgar- i wanna be your std- color strip- warp- rough trade
10. jean jacques perrey - the groovy leprechausn- at home with the groovebox- grand royal (classic track)
11. antigen shift- toppling drunk into the river whilew

1800-1900 cet electrigger: neuer sendeplatz + diesmal, ausnahmsweise unterstützt von micha von bleep-hop
1. apparat-montreal-berlin, montreal, tel aviv- shitkatapult strike 69- mdm
2. eine oliver twist kooperation- Tanz 0144: Coquette In A- tausend kleine tänze- rewika
3.eine oliver twist kooperation-Tanz 0377: Eklektisch Spiegeln - tausend kleine tänze- rewika
4. chicken lips- bad skin- dj kicks the exclusives- k7
5, the glimmers- cassette-dj kicks the exclusives- k7
5. modeselektor-silikon sirius mo mix)-the hello mum remixes- bpitchcontrol
6. battles - b+t- ep c- warp/rough trade
7. liars- let´s not wrestle mt. heart attack- drums not dead- mute
8. liars- it fit when i was a kid- drums not dead- mute
9. man - sepeartion- helping hand- sub rosa
10. dub tractor- i´m like you- hideout- city centre offices
11. the secret machines- lightning blue eyes- cd-ep- reprise

11/02/2006 /1700-1800 Bleep-Hop 051- regular-business feat. sunday-service-special

1-jimmy edgar- my beats- colorstrip-warp
2-prefuse73- keeping up with your quota- security screenings- warp
3-battles- tras- ep c/b ep- warp
4-mogwai- friend of the night- friend of the night ep- rock action
5-guitar- tokyo memory- tokio- onitor
6-man- strange feeling- helping hand- sub rosa
7-kajak -wir brauchen uns fast immer- sunday service
8-jullander - reinhard libuda verliert die geduld- sunday service
9-jel -all around- soft money-anticon
10-halma- hektopascal- back to pascal-sunday service

1800-1900 Maximo-Park-Special-Electric-Eclectic-Alex Dee (fakecore-show)+Micha (bleep-hop)
all songs on warp + interview with paul+tim from maximo park

1-maximo park-the coast is always changing-7"
2-maximo park-i want you to leave-missing songs
3-maximo park-apply some pressure-7"
4-maximo park-acrobat-a certain trigger
5-maximo park-once, a glimpse -original demo version-missing songs
6-maximo park-kiss you better-a certain trigger
7-maximo park-isolation-missing songs
8-maximo park-trial and error-missing songs
9-maximo park-i´m all over the shop-a certain trigger
10- gravenhurst- diane- black holes in the send-warp

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