BLEEP-HOP 61-70///07/06-11/06

playlists 04.11.2006/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 070:regular biz!/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. saroos- dead days- s/t- alien transistor
2. contriva- i can wait- seperate chambers/spex 68- morr
3. calexico/notwist- careless- you can´t always listen to hausmusik- but ...- hausmusik
4. knarf rellöm trinity- akd- move your ass& your mind will follow- zickzack
5. urlaub in polen- a case of getting from b to c- health and welfare- tomblab
6. the evens- no money- get evens- dischord
7. don caballero- i agree ... no ... i disagree- world class listening problem- relapse
8. cycom - down the drain- alphacut 05- alphacut
9. t.raumschmiere- die alte leier- random noize sessions vol.1- shitkatapult
10. lxxxc- 4 lil bit- lxxxc / tlic - three four bit bits / reflect- alphacute/minor
11. squarepusher- 4026 melt 3- vacuum tracks/hello everything (ltd 3lp)- warp
12. benga- comb 6os- ziq 166- planet-mu
13. plus device- my, to make you feel- puncture- hefty
14. laurent garnier- 6 months earlier- retrospective- fcommunications
15. throttler- breakz- 004- nasdia recordings

21.10.2006/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 069:regular biz!+ gazarra+saroos-ivs//1800-1900cet electric-eclectic: DIE STERNE (LIVE)//radio blau/leipzig/germany

1700-1800cet bleep-hop 069:regular biz!+ gazarra+saroos-ivs
1. magda- black leather wonder- spaceship&pings- item&things/m_nus
2. ellen alien & apparat -jet (ben klock rmx)- jet remixes-bpitchcontrol
3. jan gazarra - too far gone- love rules- sunday service
4. venetian snares- frictional nevada- hospitality -planet-mu
5. spectre- pillers of smoke- the second coming- wordsound
6. saroos - during this course- s/t- alientransitor
7. subtle - return of the vain- for hero for fool- lex records
8. four tet (battles remix)- a joy- remixes- domino
9. j dilla - nothing like this- chrome children/cartoon meets hiphop-stones throw
10. move d- tribute to mr fingerds- kunststoff-cco/source
11. jan jelinek- palmen aus leder- tierbeobachtungen- scape
++++ interviews JAN GAZARRA (sunday service) + SAROOS (alientransistor)

1800-1900cet electric-eclectic:
live_recording CONNE ISLAND/Leipzig 05/2006

07.10.2006/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 068:regular biz!+ dabrye-iv/radio blau/leipzig/germany

bleep-hop_record news
1. eliott lipp- the intro- steele streets scraps- hefty
2. clark- vengeance drools-body riddle- warp
3. squarepusher- welcome to europe- hello everything- warp
4. various- lost - the world is gone- xl recordings
5. saroos- this ain t no place- s/t- alien transistor
6. enduser feat shadowhuntaz- postioned-pushing back- ad noiseam
7. detritus- thresholds - thresholds- ad noiseam
8. subtle- a tale of apes I&II- for heroes for fool- lex
9. subtle- middleclass kill- for heroes for fool- lex
10. nuccini- put me in your shoes- matters of love and death- 2nd rec
11. hanayo - pita pata- girl monsters- chicks on speed records
12. le tigre- hot topic - girl monsters- chicks on speed records

bleep-hop meets la-dolce-vita
1. amandine - wake- waiting for the light to find us- fat cat
2. ensemble - one kind two minds- ensemble- fat cat
3. masha qrella- everything shows- female future transatlantic - phazz-a-delic
playlists 23.09.2006/1700-1900cet bleep-hop 067:regular biz!+ electric eclectic: funkstörung/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1700 cet
bleep-hop_record news
by repeatbeat

1. silent poets- future- sun- pouzzez!
2. jan gazarra- she burns me- love rules- sunday service
3. masha qrella -don t stop the dance- 7- a.n.o.s.t./morr
4. sun ok, papi k.o.- intro otcho- orchestre philharmonok. sonig
5. candie hank- we all go die tonite (feat. mc shade)- groucho running- sonig
6. loco dice- backroom melody- seeing through shadows- m_nus
7. paul kalkbrenner/wighnomy brothers- steinbeisser- reworks- bpitch
8. bodycode- I, data- the conservation of electric charge- spectral/ghostly
9. throttler- breakz - 04- nasdia
10. band ane- wood delivery- anish music- jenka
11. yo la tengo- daphnia- i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass- matador

1800 cet electric-eclectic: funkstorung is dead, we are sad!
Interview from electric renaissance 2005

funkstorung-grammy winners - multiple grammy winners - 2000 - !k7
funkstorung-red shirt, white shoes - appetite for disctruction - 2000 - !k7
funkstorung-rmx-morgen wird wie heute sein - tocotronic - vice versa - 2001 - !k7
funkstorung-rmx-moron - notwist - vice versa - 2001 - !k7
funkstrung-commodore c128d - acid planet - 2005 - !k7
funkstorung rmx-trick or treat - phon.o - 2005 - shitkatapult
funkstorung-rmx- all is full of love - bjork - bjork mit funkstorung e.p. - 1998 - FatCat 005
funkstorung-fat camp feva - disconnected - 2004 - !k7
funkstorung-humanity - a guy called gerald rmx - vice versa - 2001 - !k7
michael fakesch -we got a generator - mas confusion - 2003 - !k7
funkstorung-moon addicted with enik - disconnected - 2004 - !k7
by mak&repeatbeat

playlists 09.09.2006/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 066:regular biz!/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. lawrence- along the wire (troy pierce black boots remix)- along the wire- ladomat/dial
2. d.p. (aka deadbeat and pole)- in blue- krakau ep- echochord
3. phantom ghost- relax it s only a ghost (efdemin/carsten jost version)- relax it s only a ghost versions- ladomat/dial
4. j dilla (r.i.p.) feat madlib&guilty simpson- baby- the shining -bbe
5. international pony- gravity- mit dir sind wir vier- sony bmg
6. jimi tenor (steve reich)- six pianos- recomposed- deutsche grammophon/universal
7. 12twelve- professor ali- l univers- acuarela
8. solo andata- the echo´s´left behind- fyris swan- hefty records
9. gagarin- merkage- ard nev- geo
10. sun ok papi ko- super puni- orchstre philharmonok- sonig
26.08.2006/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 065:regular biz! +electric eclectic: paradox100 special/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1700-1800 cet
bleep-hop- record news

1. die goldenen zitronen- man kann auch ohne beine die
2. drop the lime- e-lock- we never sleep (selections)- tigerbeat6
3. dabrye- reconsider- two/three- ghostly
4. d.p. (deadbeat&pole)- in red- krakau ep-echochord
5. junior boys- double shadow- so this is goodbye- domino
6. jan gazarra- too far gone- love rules- sunday service
7. masha qrella- don´t stop the dance- 7"- a.n.o.s.t.
8. Aneurysm- Funkee - Aneurysm / Dr. Lefty - I'll Care If You Do / Get Mad Now -Reject Records
9. Dr. Lefty- Ah Shwe Bah (4:28) -I'll Care If You Do / Get Mad Now -Reject Records
10. dani siciliano- be my producer- slappers- k7
11. madvillian - money folder (four tet remix)- four tet remixes 12"- domino
12. ooioo- umo- taiga- thrill jockey
13. broadcast -ddl- the future crayon- warp
14. the album leaf- always for you- into the blue light again- city slang

electric-eclectic paradox100 special
1. Paradox-"Dioxide 170873"- Reinforced Records (RIVET 133), 1998
2. Alaska- "Paradoxical"-"Virtual Virtuosos"-4xLP- Vibez Recordings (VIBEZ LP 001), 2000
3. Paradox- "Play Twice Before Listening"-Droppin' Science (DS 030), 2002
4. Seba & Paradox "You Didn't See It, Did You?" Paradox Music (PM 003), 2004
5. Paradox "Chords & Dischords" "Drum Works 2" 2x12"
Reinforced Records (RIVET 180), 2002
6. Seba "Piemo For B" Paradox Music (PM 004), 2004
7. Paradox- "The Unspoken Divide (Remix)"-Paradox Music (PM 012), 2006
8. Nucleus & Paradox-"Love Her"-Esoteric (ESO 004), 2005

interview: paradox+seba (also: de-bug_104_S.27)
in the studio: tandrum, alexdee, repeatbeat

playlists 12.08.2006/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 064:regular biz! interview: battles /radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. funkstoerung- disconnected- disconnected- k7 (r.i.p.)
2. tom burbank- gnats- sacred symbols of mu- planet-mu
3. electric president- you have the right to remain awesome: volume one- a.n.o.s.t./morr
4. grizly bear- on a neck, on a spit- scd- warp
5. cloe lock- removed by people (distruct remix)- busted by the most loved one. seldomtype
6.console- magnolia- mono- disko b
7. battles- tras 3- ep c/b ep-warp
8. battles- +tras - ep c/b ep-warp
9. battles-dance- ep c/b ep-warp
+ Interview with Ian williams guitarist/keyboarding)& Tyondai Braxton vox/keyboards/guitar/electronics
10. bardo pond- cry baby cry- ticket crystal- atp/r
11. daedelus- dumbfound- ediT Remix)-sacred symbols of mu- planet-mu
29.07.2006///1430-1600cet bleep-hop 062: take Ur time-special/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 063:regular biz! interviews: tim exile+plaid /radio blau/leipzig/germany

1430cet -1600cet
bleep-hop -extended
summertime-take Ur time-special (100 % free of radio edits)
1.b.fleischmann- take your time - welcome tourist - morrmusic (45 min)
2. televon tel aviv- street spirit (fade out)- exit music 12 ep- bbe (8min)
3. tied & tickled trio- a.r.c.- a.r.c./obseving systems- morr (20min)
4. jamie lidell- game for fools - multiply- warp (4 min)
5. bardo pond- moonshine- ticket crystals- all tomorrows parties/R (11min)

1700cet- 1800cet
bleep-hop: regular biz!
Record-News + Interviews: Tim Exile (Planet-Mu/UK) und Plaid (Warp/UK).
1. kante- die Tiere sind unruhig- die Tiere sind unruhig- labels
2. radiohead-- skttrrbrain (four tet rmx)- four tet remixes 12" white- domino
3. tim exile- hello ...- the nuisance gabbaret lounge- planet mu
5. tim exile- jungle? jungle? jungle!- the nuisance gabbaret lounge- planet mu
4. exile- rage is the beautiful light that struck her -pro agonist- planet-mu
5. grizzly bear- on a neck, on a spit- promo- warp
6. plaid/bob jaroc- i citizen the loathsome- greedy baby- warp
7. plaid/bob jaroc- e.m.r.- greedy baby- warp
8. ellen alien- just a woman (audion version)- 12" spc-36 -spectral
9. sao paulo underground- pombaral - um, dois, tres- aesthetics

playlists 15.07.2006///1700-1900cet electric-eclectic: depeche mode/jean jacques perrey/tim exile/radio blau/leipzig/germany

17:00-17:30 CET
Depeche Mode Remix Special
with Thaddeus Herrmann (berlin/ de-bug, city centre offices)

01. behind the wheel - radio 7" dj promo mix (7", promo dj bong 15)
02. everything counts - absolut mix by alan moulder (10", 10Bong16)
03. just can't get enough - shizo mix by daniel miller (12", mute16)
04. lie to me - lfo remix - remixes 81-06 (6x12" box, mutel8
by Alex Dee (Fakecore-Show)

17:30-18:00 CET
Interview+ lecture from transmediale06/berlin >>> Jean Jacques Perrey - Mr. Ondoline
01. spooks in space - the essential perry kingsley - vanguard
02. the groovy leprechauns - v/a at home with the groovebox - grand royal 68
03. girl from venus - the essential perry kingsley - vanguard
04. nasty groove - circus of life - musicsphere
05. celtic feast - circus of life - musicsphere
06. e.v.a. - fat boy slim remix - radio edit - vanguard
by Micha (Bleep-Hop) and Alex Dee (Fakecore-Show)

18:00-19:00 CET
TIM EXILE- The first edition of the Gabbaret Lounge Radio show-
which originally went out on Resonance FM on Wednesday 12th April 2006.
about > Resonance FM

Resonance 104.4 fm is London's first radio art station, brought to you by London Musicians' Collective.
It started broadcasting on May 1st 2002. Its brief? To provide a radical alternative to the universal formulae of mainstream broadcasting. Resonance 104.4 fm features programmes made by musicians, artists and critics who represent the diversity of London's arts scenes, with regular weekly contributions from nearly two hundred musicians, artists, thinkers, critics, activists and instigators; plus numerous unique broadcasts by artists on the weekday "Clear Spot".
ukw in leipzig + livestream

playlists 01.07.2006///1700-1900cet bleep-hop 061: record news extended+melt!special/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. maximo park- kiss U better- bbc sessions/found on film- warp
2. james figurine- apologies (john tejada remix)- remixes 12 "- monika
3. fraction- waiting for josh- shitkatapult empfiehlt- shitkatapult/strike75
4. remute- 5000 euro- remute- ladomat 2000
5. couch- gegen alles bereit - figur 5- morr
6. tv on the radio- playhouse- return to cookie mountain- 4AD
7. mogwai- auto rock (errors remix)- travel is dangerous- rock action
8. one second bridge- take me to the moon- s/t- buero/cco
9. echo depth finders- dreaming u- from the power house- meteosound
10. larvae- nation of a bling - dead weight- ad noiseam
11. larvae- what´s left of starting over- larvae/enduser_unraved ears- ad noiseam
12. die goldenen zitronen- terminator I und siegmund freud- lenin- buback
13. egoexpress - zwergenbrot- hot wire my heart/we do we do- ladomat 2000
14. herbert- moving like a train (lidell´s radio raw hymn remix)- ep- accidental/k7
15. kante- ich hab´s gesehen- ep- labels
16. battles- dance- ep c/b ep- warp
17. ensemble mikado (composition thomas weekles)-the cries of london- the dark light is my deLight- orf edition alte musik
18. escape now!- cluster-st anorak- bohnerwachs
19. john tejada- eurotunnel- 12"- scape
20. bob humid- the second closer still- second with phenomen- suburban trash industries
21. dabrye- the stand (feat. wildchild)- two/three- ghostly
22. chevron- gary grew some garage- shitmat&friends- planet-mu
23. atari teenage riot- deutschland has gotta die- atari teenage riot 1992-2000- digital hardcore recordings
((13- 16 Special MELT! mehr unter melt-festival.de

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