BLEEP-HOP 71-75///11/06-01/07

playlists 06.01.2007/1700-1900cet bleep-hop 075:console-special+some record news/radio blau/leipzig/germany
1. console (1995)- breakwater -the day my favorite insect died- kollaps
2. björk+console (2001) -heirloom- vespertine- one little indian/polydor
3. console(1999) - by 14, zero, zero- promo- payola/community
4. console (1999)-14,zero,zero- 14,zero,zero-payola/community
5. 13&god (2005)- perfect speed- s/t- alien transistor/anticon
6. the notwist (1998)-chemicals-shrink- big store/community
7. console(1998) -my dog eats beats- rocket in the pocket- payola/virgin
8. console (2006)-starpower- mono- disko b
9. console (2006)- by this river- mono- disko b
10. console (2002)- into the universe -reset the preset- virgin
11. ammer /console- heimat und technik- intermedium from one2two- intermedium
Interview: Martin "Console" Gretschmann

appendix (record news)
1. alexander annexe (mira calix)- push door to exit- push door to exit- warp
2. funkstoerung- all is full of love (2nd rmx)- appendix- k7
3. kilo- nachtschwimmer- kilo- onitor
playlists 30.12.2006/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 074:regular biz!+contriva-special/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. franklin de costa- edgy- split 12- sender
2. a hawk and a hawksaw- the way the wind blows - the way the wind blows- leaf
3. milanese- so malleable cold rmx- 12- mg77
4. the postal service/nobody- be still my heart (rmx)-revisions revisions - the remixes -plug research
5. monotekktoni- operations- 4 women no cry- monika
6. masha qrella- don t stop the dance- 7 - a.n.o.s.t.
7. jersey- woody- 7- lok
8. contriva- say cheese- separate chambers- morr
9. contriva- number me- separate chambers- morr
10. contriva- keine zeit zum baden- introduce me to someone really cool- lok
+ Interview Max Punktezahl (contriva ... jersey, notwist, saroos)

16.12.2006/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 073:regular biz!/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. saalschutz- sehr nette menschen- machts moeglich- zick zack
2. saalschutz - 19,9 & 90- das ist nicht mein problem- desert engine
3. holy golightly- christmas trees on fire- christmas 2006 7inch- damaged goods
4. milanese - a peggy flynn rmx- 12"- mg77
5. mothboy- i can see cities- deviance- ad noiseam
6. pigon- may in little albio street- little albio street- dial
7. pigon- november in little albio street- little albio street- dial
8. john tejada- asanebo- bets n bluffs- pokerflat
9. animal collective- tell it to the mountain- tell it to the mountain- hollingdagain
10. console- starpower- mono- disko b
playlists 02.12.2006/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 072:regular biz!+TY/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. ratatat- montana- classics- xl
2. contriva- before- separate chambers- morr
3. mum- now there is that fear again- the peel sessions- fat cat
4. cappablack- hear no speak no- Facades And Skeletons- scape
5.ty- wait a minute (fusion)- 12"- big dada
6. ty- closer- closer- big dada
7-9. dj wally/dj willie ross- pergatory blues/fading fast/close your weary eyes- the millers house- the agriculture
10. mothboy- outside- deviance- ad noiseam
11. mapache - abendland- by the way- unrelased
12. acid pauli- nancy- 12"- disko b (09.12.2006 LIVE at Conne Island)
13. junior boys- double shadows-so this is goodbye- domino
14. xabec- the bone-using unused methods- hands
+ Interview TY, Verlosungen Junior Boys+ For God Consoul
playlists 18.11.2006/1700-1800cet bleep-hop 071:regular biz!/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. cappablack- slide- farcades&skeletons- scape
2. deadbeat- one.two. sixe- verson immersion- scape
3. ddamage- sign my name (part one feat, tes)- shimmy shimmy blade- tsunami addiction
4. ty-oh (feat. bahamedia&zion I)- closer - big dada (28.11. (at) conne island, leipzig)
5. mothboy- given away- deviance- ad noiseam
6. mad ep- lotus eater repose -the madlands trilogy (one chelydriaen night) - ad noiseam
7. international pony - dance without fear- ein freund von mir (soundtrack)- warp
8. james figurine- apologies (koze rmx)- eleven numberes ep- monika
9. urlaub in polen- crash- health and welfare- tomblab (30.11. (at) conne island, leipzig)
10. village of savoonga/jersey- darkline- you can t always listen to hausmusik, but ...- hausmusik
11. homevideo- sleep sweet- no certain night or morning- defend music
12. moutaineer- eliza (a day for every hour)- type recordings
13. mogwai- terrefic speech- ziadane- rock action/pias
14. carla bozulich- steel away- evangelista- constellation

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