playlists 03.03.2007/1700-1900cet bleep-hop 079/record news/radio blau/leipzig/germany

1. Fujiya & Miyagi- Collarbone- Transparent Things- Groenland
2. Trentemøller- Moan (Trentemøller Dub Remix) Moan- Pokerflat
3. Drone- Vintage Ptii- Colourformoney- My Kung Fu
4. Drone- Spiderhead (Green Man)- Colourformoney- My Kung Fu
5. Hauschka- One Wish- Room To Expand- Fat Cat
6. Hauschka- Zahnluecke- Room To Expand- Fat Cat
7. Denzel+Huhn- Erinnye- Paraport- CityCentreOffices
8. Fonoda- Stone Cold Seconds- Eventually- Büro/CCO
9. Christian Björklund- Plastic- Phonocake s Petit Fours 2006 - Phonocake (Free Net_Release/phonocake.org)
10. Amon Tobin- Keep Your Distance- Foley Room- Ninja Tune
11. Joakim - I Wish You Were Gone- Monsters And Silly Songs- !k7
12. !!!- Heart Of Hearts- Myth Takes- Warp

13. Pole- Winkelstreben- Steingarten- Scape
14. Exploding Star Orchestra- String Ray And The Beginning Of Time Part 4- We Are All From Somewhere Else.- Thrill Jockey
15. DOi- Ponds- Sing The Boy Electric - Quartermain
16. Mira Calix- Umbra/Penumbra- Eyes Set Against The Sun- Warp
17. Thomas Belhom- Aircraft- Oblique- Apparent Extend
18. Radical Face-Welcome Home- Ghost- Morr
19. Au Revoir Simone- Sad Song- The Bird Of Music- Cooperativ (04.03. LIVE >naTo, Leipzig)
20. Vex´D- 3rd Choice-Sacred Symbols Of Mu- Planet Mu (09.03. LIVE >distillery, Leipzig)
21. Pantha Du Prince- Eisbaden- This Bliss- dial (10.03. LIVE >distillery, Leipzig)
22. Contriva- Cool Out For The Summer- Tell Me When - Lok
23. Contriva- I Can Wait- Seperate Chambers- Morr (11.03. LIVE > Conne Island; Leipzig)

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