playlist 08.12.2007/17-19cet/bleep-hop 099///radio blau, leipzig/germany

1. Glowstyx - U R Mine- Class Of 1992- Cock Rock Disco
2. Sun Electric- Toninas (Villalobos Rmx)- 12"- Shitkatapult
3. Battles - tonto (the field remix) - tonto+ - warp

4-11. Pingipung-Ringtone- Special
(ps _ jeden Tag neu unter: http://www.halle-fuer-kunst.de/aktuell/2007adventskalender/)
4. Le Rok- Weihnachts Shuffle -Pingipung Adventskalender
5. Michael Morkholt -Kalenderlyd - Pingipung Adventskalender
6. Egobird - Das Tier - Pingipung Adventskalender
7. Spinning Tap- Hoelzerne Toene - Pingipung Adventskalender
8. Harm -Cockroach Cannon -Pingipung Adventskalender
9. A.J. Holmes - Snowman -Pingipung Adventskalender
10. Grabuk - Klingel -Pingipung Adventskalender
11. Springintgut - Stille Nacht - Pingipung Adventskalender

12. Skream -sublemonal- box of dub 2- soul jazz
13. kode9- stung - box of dub 2- soul jazz
(12.01.2008 kode9+spaceapes+ scuba; Conne Island, LE)
14. scorn- glugged - stealth - adnoiseam/jarring effects

Well Deep- 10 Years Of Big Dada
15. Roots Manuva- Movements- Well Deep- Big Dada
16. Busdriver- Unemployed Astronaut- Well Deep- Big Dada
17. cLOUDDEAD- Dead Dogs Two (Boards Of Canada RMX)- Well Deep- Big Dada

18. Mokira- The Bum That Will Bring Us Together - 7"- type records
19. Pram- blind tiger- the moving frontier- domino
20. fairmont- i need medicine- coloured in memory- border community

Hausmusik is Gone! Thx; Well Done!
21. Lali Puna- Distortion 2000-snooze 7"- reihenmusik 01/hausmusik
22. Calexico/Notwist - Careless- You Can´s always listen to hausmusik, but -Hausmusik
23. Ogonjuk- Lurid- 10"- Hausmusik/Kollaps
24. A Million Mecies/Calexico- Freunde- You Can´s always listen to hausmusik, but -Hausmusik
25. Fred Is Dead - OpLeonPop- Greatest Hits- Hausmusik
26. Village Of Savoonga/Jersey- Dark Line- You Can´s always listen to hausmusik, but -Hausmusik
27. Queen Of Japan - I Was Made For Lovin You- 12"- Hausmusik
28. Loopool/Console- Die Euphemistische Tretmühle- You Can´s always listen to hausmusik, but -Hausmusik

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